3 Srang

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Issuer Tibet (China)
Period Ganden Phodrang (1642-1959)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 9-20 (1935-1946)
Calendar Tibetan
Value 3 Srang (3)
Currency Srang (1792-1959)
Composition Silver
Weight 12.50 g
Diameter 31 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 21437
Numista type number (https://numista.com)
References Y# 26,
Richard S. Yeoman, Arthur L. Friedberg; 2007. A Catalog of Modern World Coins : 1850-1964 (14th edition). Whitman Publishing Company, Atlanta, USA.
And 1 more volumes.
L&M# 658
Lin Gwo Ming, Ma Tak Wo; 2008. Illustrated Catalogue of Chinese Gold & Silver Coins (7th edition). Tak Wo Numismatic, Hong Kong.


Snow lion facing left in front of Mount Kailash with two suns in the background, all surrounded four Buddhist auspicious symbols (a white parasol, a conch shell, a pair of golden fish, and an endless knot) and Tibetan characters.

Script: Tibetan

Lettering: དགའ་ལྡན་ཕོ་བྲང་ ཕྱོ་ ལས་རྣམ་ རྣམ་རྒྱལ

dga' ldan pho brang phyo(gs) las rnam rgyal
The Ganden palace, victorious in all directions


Treasure vase (a Buddhist auspicious symbol) containing foliage with scroll ornaments around, all surrounded three Buddhist auspicious symbols (a victory banner, a dharma wheel, and a lotus flower) and Tibetan characters.

Script: Tibetan

Lettering: རབ་བྱུང་ བཅུ་དྲུག་ལོ་ ལོ་ བཅུ་ སྲང་ གསུམ་

rab byung bcu drug lo bcu srang gsum
Cycle sixteen, Year 10, three Srang



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Date VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequency
9 (1935)  21% བཅུ་དྲུག - དགུ
10 (1936)  $ 32 $ 76 $ 139 36% བཅུ་དྲུག - བཅུ
10 (1936)  9% བཅུ་དྲུག - བཅུ/དགུ (overdate)
11 (1937)  $ 36 $ 68 $ 143 33% བཅུ་དྲུག - བཅུག
12 (1938)  10% བཅུ་དྲུག - བཅུས
20 (1946)  8% བཅུ་དྲུག - ཉིཤུ (with dot after date)
20 (1946)  0% བཅུ་དྲུག - ཉིཤུ (without dot after date)

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