Denár - Rudolf 1576-1608

Denár - Rudolf (1576-1608) -  obverseDenár - Rudolf (1576-1608) -  reverse

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Country Hungary
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1579-1602
Value 1 Denár (1/180)
Currency Tallér (1526-1754)
Composition Silver (.500)
Weight 0.58 g
Diameter 16.5 mm
Shape Round (Irregular)
Demonetized Yes
References ÉH# 811,
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by Emil Unger
(Ajtósi Dürer Kiadó)
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by Huszár Lajos
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by Huszár Lajos


Curved, pointed fourfold Hungarian coat of arms: Hungarian Árpád stripes, Hungarian double cross, Dalmatian leopard heads, Bohemian lion; on the center chest shield: Austrian bonds.

Lettering: RVD•II•RO•I•S•AV•G•H•B•R•

Rudolphus II. dei gratia Romanorum Imperator Semper Augustus Germaniae Hungariae Bohemiae Rex -
Rudolf II, by the grace of God, Emperor of the Romans, forever Monarch, King of Germany, Hungary, Bohemia


Crowned Madonna, with child on her right divide mintmarks,
date in the circular legend

Lettering: PATR ¤ 1596 ¤ HVNG

Translation: Patroness of Hungary



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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC
1579 K-B EH811a
1580  EH811d - no mintmark
1580 H-S EH811b
1580 K-B EH811a
1581 H-B EH811a var. with error mintmark
1581 H-S EH811b
1581 K-B EH811a
1581 S-H EH811c
1582 K-B EH811a
1583 K-B EH811a
1584 K-B EH811a
1585 K-B EH811a
1586 K-B EH811a
1587  EH811d - no mintmark
1587 K-B EH811a
1588 K-B EH811a
1589  EH811d - no mintmark
1589 K-B EH811a
1590 K-B EH811a
1591 K-B EH811a
1592 K-B EH811a
1593 K-B EH811a
1594 K-B EH811a
1595 K-B EH811a
1596 K-B EH811a
1597 K-B EH811a
1598 K-B EH811a
1599 K-B EH811a
1600 K-B EH811a
1601 K-B EH811a
1602 K-B EH811a

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Denár - Rudolf (1576-1608)