2 Jin Liang State; Dang Lie

2 Jin (Liang State; Dang Lie) -  obverse2 Jin (Liang State; Dang Lie) -  reverse

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Issuer State of Wei (Warring States)
Years 400 BC - 300 BC
Value 2 Jin
Currency Spade money (401-300 BC)
Composition Bronze
Weight 28.2 g
Diameter 62.5 mm
Thickness 2.5 mm
Shape Spade
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 236374
Numista type number (https://numista.com)
References FD# 307,
Fubao Ding, George Albert Fisher; 1990. Fisher's Ding. G. A. Fisher, Littleton, Colorado, USA.
Hartill# 3.48
David Hartill; 2017. Cast Chinese Coins (2nd edition). New Generation Publishing, London, United Kingdom.


Liang Zhong Jin Wu Shi er Dang Lie
Liang heavy jin, 50 (series 2) equal to a lie


Verious readings exist:

Liang Chong Jin Wu Dang Lie Shi er / Liang money to be used as 5 jin and equal to 12 lie
Liang Zhong Jin Wu Shi er Dang Lie / Liang heavy jin, 50 (series 2) equal to a lie
Liang Xin Jin Wu Shi Dang Lie / Liang new jin, 50 equal to a lie

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ND (400 BC - 300 BC) 

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