960 Réis - João Prince Regent


Country Brazil
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1810-1818
Value 960 Réis (960)
Metal Silver (.896)
Weight 26.89 g
Diameter 40.6 mm
Thickness 2.2 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Demonetized yes
References KM# 307
Standard Catalog of World Coins
by George S. Cuhaj
(Krause Publications)


Crowned arms, denomination.

18 14


Sash with initial crosses globe within cross.

B - Bahia (KM#307.1)
M - Vila Rica (KM#307.2)
R - Rio de aneiro (KM#307.3)



Coins of this type are generally found struck over Spanish Colonial 8 reales.  (British controlled the silver mines; Brazil had to use foreign coins as planchets for its coins.)  If the undertype can be identified, the coin commands a significant premium.  
Under the U. S. laws, Brazilian 960 reis were not legal tender--unless a Spanish 8 reales undertype was visible!

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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC
1810 B KM#307.1 (Bahia, "P. REGENES"; rare)
1810 B KM#307.1 (Bahia, small crown; very rare)
1810 B 229,728 KM#307.1 (Bahia)
1810 M KM#307.2 (Vila Rica; very rare)
1810 R 1,059,608 KM#307.3 (Rio de Janeiro)
1811 B 144,578 KM#307.1 (Bahia)
1811 R 232,999 KM#307.3 (Rio de Janeiro)
1812 B 352,306 KM#307.1 (Bahia)
1812 R 232,278 KM#307.3 (Rio de Janeiro, overdate variety exists)
1813 B KM#307.1 (Bahia, "P. REGENES"; rare)
1813 B 407,000 KM#307.1 (Bahia)
1813 R 1,098,421 KM#307.3 (Rio de Janeiro, overdate variety exists)
1814 B 928,127 KM#307.1 (Bahia)
1814 R 718,347 KM#307.3 (Rio de Janeiro)
1815 B 764,497 KM#307.1 (Bahia)
1815 R KM#307.3 (Rio de Janeiro, "STAB. NATA."; very rare)
1815 R 855,153 KM#307.3 (Rio de Janeiro)
1816 B 2,394,441 KM#307.1 (Bahia)
1816 M KM#307.2 (Vila Rica, very rare)
1816 R 1,214,486 KM#307.3 (Rio de Janeiro)
1817 B KM#307.1 (Bahia)
1817 R 1,599,534 KM#307.3 (Rio de Janeiro)
1818 R KM#307.3 (Rio de Janeiro, star on crown)

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960 Réis - João Prince Regent