Æ - Metokos Type I; Horse facing right


Issuer Kingdom of Odryssa (Thracians)
King Metokos (circa 407-386 BC)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 405 BC - 391 BC
Value Unknown Æ
Currency Drachm
Composition Bronze
Weight 14 g
Diameter 19 mm
Shape Round (irregular)
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 236732
Numista type number (https://numista.com)
References Peykov 1# B0240,
Alexander Peykov, Elian Petkov, Damian Bumbalov; 2011. Catalogue of The Coins from Thrace / Part I. Tribal and Rulers' Coinages of Thracians, Paeonians, Celts and Scythians : 5th Century BC - 1st Century AD. Centrex, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria.
Y'92# 43,
Yordanka Youroukova; 1992. Монетите на тракийските племена и владетели = The Coins of the Thracian Tribes and Rulers. Peter Beron, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Y'76# 50
Yordanka Youroukova; 1976. Coins of the Ancient Thracians (Supplementary Series Volume 4). British Archaeological Reports, Oxford, England.


Rampant horse with bridle and reins facing right.


Inscription around bipennis (labrys, double-bitted axe).

Lettering: ΜΗΤΟΚΟ


Weight varies: 11.99 - 16.06 g
Diameter varies: 16 - 22 mm

S. Topalov, The Odrysian kingdom from the late 5th to the mid-4th c. BC (1994), p. 154, 12.
S. Topalov, Information about the unknown types of early Thracian tribal and ruler's coins 6th-4th c. B.C. (2000), S. XII, 29 var.

Examples of this type:
Example #1 (11.99 g; 22 mm; Green patina; Very Fine)

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◦ Auctioned by Numismatik Lanz, Auction 123, 30 May 2005, Lot 135.

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ND (405 BC - 391 BC) 

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