Stater - Alexander III Miletos


Issuer Kingdom of Macedonia
King Alexander III the Great (336 BC - 323 BC)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 330 BC - 323 BC
Value 1 Stater (20)
Currency Drachm
Composition Gold
Weight 8.6 g
Diameter 19 mm
Shape Round (irregular)
Technique Hammered
Orientation Variable alignment ↺
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 24309
References Price# 2078,
Martin Jessop Price; 1991. The Coinage in Name of Alexander the Great and Philip Arrhidaeus / Volume 1. Introduction and Catalogue : A British Museum Catalogue. British Museum - Swiss Numismatic Society, London, United Kingdom - Zürich, Switzerland.
And 1 more volumes.
Fr# 107
Arthur L. Friedberg, Ira S. Friedberg, Robert Friedberg; 2017. Gold Coins of the World : From Ancient Times to the Present (9th edition). Coin & Currency Institute, Williston, Vermont, United States.


Athena head right wearing Corinthian helmet decorated with serpent


Nike standing left, holding wreath and ship's mast

Script: Greek

Price Monogram 453 = ΗΔ

Translation: Alexander (III, the Great)


Miletus, Ionia, modern-day Balat, Turkey

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Date VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequency
ND (330 BC - 327 BC) עק 60% Ake (Akko) mint; Hendin #1089
ND (325 BC - 323 BC)  60%

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