5 Groszy Polskich - Aleksandr I

5 Groszy Polskich - Aleksandr I -  obverse 5 Groszy Polskich - Aleksandr I -  reverse

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Country Russian Partition of Poland (Congress Poland)
(Partitions of Poland)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1816-1825
Value 5 Groszy (1/6)
Metal Silver (.192)
Weight 1.45 g
Diameter 17 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized yes
References Gum# 2501, C# 96
Handbuch der polnischen Numismatik
by Marian Gumowski
(Akademische Druck- und- Verlagsanstalt)
Coins of the World, 1750-1850
by William D. Craig
(Whitman Publishing)


Double-headed eagle, crown above divides date.

I. B.


Three-line inscription within wreath




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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC
1816 IB 2,700,000 C#96.1 (smaller eagle wings; smooth edge)
1817 IB C#96.2 (reeded edge) very rare
1818 IB 3,055,764 C#96.3 (redesigned shield)
1819 IB 5,531,568 C#96.3 (redesigned shield)
1820 IB 3,481,037 C#96.3 (redesigned shield)
1821 IB 1,651,023 C#96.3 (redesigned shield)
1822 IB 1,282,611 C#96.3 (redesigned shield)
1823 IB 2,098,041 C#96.3 (redesigned shield)
1824 IB 234,591 C#96.3 (redesigned shield)
1825 IB 349,978 C#96.3 (redesigned shield)

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5 Groszy Polskich - Aleksandr I