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2½ Kori - Victoria [Khengarji III]

2½ Kori - Victoria [Khengarji III] -  obverse2½ Kori - Victoria [Khengarji III] -  reverse

© Joseph Kunnappally


Country Princely state of Kutch
(India - Princely states)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1938-1956 (1881-1899)
Calendar Vikram Samvat
Value 2.5 Kori (2.5 INK)
Currency Kori (1586-1947)
Composition Silver (.937)
Weight 6.9349 g
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Demonetized Yes
References Y# 36
Modern World Coins & Current Coins of the World
by Richard S. Yeoman
(Whitman Publishing)


Trident, crescent and dagger, value, date below all within circle
Outside circle, legend in Devnagari: Maharaja Dhiraj Mirza Maharau Shri Khengarji Sawai Bahadur
Within circle, legend in Devnagari: Kori Addi, zarb Kutch Bhuj, VS date

महाराजा धिराज मिरजा महाराउ श्री खेंगारजी सवाई बहादुर
कोरी अढी
जरब कच्छ भुज

Translation: Kori two and a half, struck at Kutch Bhuj, VS 1938


Legend in Urdu:"Victoria Kaisar Hind, Zarb Bhuj, AD date, wreath surrounds

Lettering: ١٨٨١

Translation: Victoria, Empress of India, struck at Bhuj, AD 1881


Reeded with edge lettering
Kutch, Bhuj in English and Nagari separated by asterisks

Lettering: * KUTCH * कच्छ * BHUJ ** भुज **

2½ Kori - Victoria [Khengarji III] -  obverse

© Joseph Kunnappally


- Y#36, weight 6.9gm, dia 24.1 mm, 1.98mm thick, closed crescent. Has जरब 'Zarb' (struck at) on second line
- Y#36.1 & Y#36.2, dia 25.5 mm, 1.56mm thick, open crescent. No जरब 'Zarb' (struck at) on second line
- Y#36.2, plain circle around Persian legend on reverse (click on image below)

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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC
1938 (1881)  Y#36
1938 (1882)  Y#36
1951 (1894)  Y#36.1
1951 (1895)  Y#36.1
1953 (1896)  Y#36.1
1953 (1897)  Y#36.1
1954 (1897)  Y#36.1
1954 (1898)  Y#36.1
1955 (1898)  Y#36.1
1955 (1899)  Y#36.1
1955 (1899)  Y#36.2
1956 (1899)  Y#36.2

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