Denier - Charles II Tours mint


Issuer Kingdom of West Francia (Carolingian Empire)
King Charles II the Bald (843-877)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 864-875
Value 1 Denier (1⁄240)
Currency Pound (840-987)
Composition Silver
Weight 1.77 g
Diameter 20 mm
Shape Round (irregular)
Technique Hammered
Orientation Variable alignment ↺
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 279079
Numista type number (
References Prou Car# 449-452,
Maurice Prou; 1896. Les monnaies carolingiennes. Rollin & Feuardent, Paris, France.
Nouchy# 221 (p. 198),
Patrick Nouchy; 1994. Les rois carolingiens de Francie occidentale : De Pépin le Bref à Louis V (751-987) = The Carolingian kings of West Francia : From Pepin the Short to Louis V (751-987). Éditions du Grenier Durocasse, Dreux.
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And 1 more volumes.
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Karolus monogram in a beaded circle.

Script: Latin (Carolingian)

Lettering: ✠ GRΛTIΛ D-I REX

Unabridged legend: KAROLUS GRATIA DEI REX

Translation: Charles, king by the grace of god.


Cross in a beaded circle.

Script: Latin (Carolingian)

Lettering: ✠ TVR◊NES CIVITΛS

Translation: City of Tours.


Tours, France


There are varieties in legends.

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ND (864-875)  (fr) HTVR◊NES CIVITΛS
ND (864-875)  (fr) TAI◊NES CLVITΛS
ND (864-875)  $ 230 (fr) TVR◊NES CIVITΛS
ND (864-875)  (fr) TVR◊NGS CIVITS

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Past sales

Pictures Sale Date Version Grade Price
Picture 1 of a sold Denier - Charles II (Tours mint)Picture 1 of a sold Denier - Charles II (Tours mint)
Heritage Auctions
World Coin Selections from the Morris Collection Monthly Online Auction 271928
Lot 37046
Internet Archive
Jul 28, 2019 ND (864-875) – (fr) TVR◊NES CIVITΛS VF
(NGC XF45)
USD 246.00
(incl. buyer's premium)
Picture 1 of a sold Denier - Charles II (Tours mint)
Auction 323
Lot 2055
Internet Archive
Jun 26, 2019 ND (864-875) – (fr) TVR◊NES CIVITΛS VF USD 195.26
(EUR 180.00)
(+ buyer's premium)

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