Denga - Vasily II the Blind


Issuer Grand principality of Moscow (Rus Principalities)
Prince Vasiliy II Vasilyevich the Blind (1425-1434)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1435-1445
Value 1 Denga (1/200)
Currency Rouble (1381-1534)
Composition Silver
Weight 0.49 g
Diameter 12 mm
Shape Round (irregular)
Orientation Variable alignment ↺
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 283380
Numista type number (
References HP II# 1950C,
Dmitriy Vladimirovich Guletskiy, K. M. Petrunin; 2017. Русские средневековые монеты = Russian Medieval Coins. Bneshtorgizdat, Moscow, Russia.
HPF# 630A,
Dzmitry Huletski, Konstantin Petrunin, Alexander Fishman; 2015. Early Russian Coins, 1353-1533. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Charleston, South Carolina, United States.
Mets# 95
N. D. Mets; 1974. Монеты великого княжества Московского, 1425-1462 = Coins of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, 1425-1462. State Historical Museum, Moscow, Soviet Union.


Prince on a throne, looking ahead, sword in right hand, left arm raised. Surrounded by dots

Lettering: K-H in fields


Cyrillic inscription, dotted border

Lettering: В+Е/Л КНZЬ / ВАСИЛ/EIBV

Translation: Grand Prince Vasily

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ND (1435-1445)  HPF 630A; Mets 95
ND (1435-1445)  HPF 630B; Mets 96 (Obverse has dotted border)
ND (1435-1445)  HPF 630C; Mets 97 (Reverse has dots in upper and lower lines)
ND (1435-1445)  HPF 630D (Duke is looking back)

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