¼ Gros "Spadin" - Gaucher of Chatillon, Pretender


Issuer Lordship of Neufchateau (Lorraine)
Years 1318-1322
Value ¼ Gros = 3 Deniers
Currency Denier
Composition Silver
Weight 0.84 g
Shape Round (irregular)
Technique Hammered
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 318288
Numista type number (https://en.numista.com/help/what-is-the-n-number-visible-in-the-catalogue-33.html)
References Flon# 445
Dominique Flon; 2002. Histoire monétaire de la Lorraine et des Trois-Évêchés / Tome 1. Prolégomènes. Première partie: Les temps du denier et de l'installation des droits. Société Thierry Alix, Nancy, France.
And 2 more volumes.


Mounted knight galloping right, holding sword and shield

Lettering: ☩ G COMЄS PORCIЄn

Translation: Gaucher, Count of Porciens


Downward pointing sword dividing legend, flanked by two alerions


Translation: Coinage of Neufchateu


Neufchâteau, France


Also de Saulcy IV, 16.
Imitation of the spadin of Frederick IV of Lorraine (see link below).

Gaucher de Chatillon was Count of Porciens, and Constable of France under five different kings (1302-1329).
In 1313 he married Isabelle of Rumigny, the widow of Duke Theobald II of Lorraine, and Lady of Neufchateau, and claimed the right to coin in dowry from Isabelle.  Frederick IV of Lorraine opposed this, and in 1318 they came to an agreement (reference deSaulcy p. 58) whereby Gaucher's coins would be recognized in the Duchy of Lorraine for as long as Isabelle lived.

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ND (1318-1322) 

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