Denier - René I


Issuer Bar, County and Duchy of (France - Feudal)
Duke René I (1430-1480)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1424-1431
Value 1 Denier (1⁄240)
Currency Livre
Composition Billon
Weight 0.4 g
Shape Round (irregular)
Technique Hammered
Orientation Variable alignment ↺
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 325071
Numista type number (
References Flon# 3, p.487
Dominique Flon; 2002. Histoire monétaire de la Lorraine et des Trois-Évêchés / Tome 1. Prolégomènes. Première partie: Les temps du denier et de l'installation des droits. Société Thierry Alix, Nancy, France.
And 2 more volumes.


Shield with quartered arms of Anjou-Bar, small shield of Lorraine on top, inside beaded circle.

Script: Latin

Lettering: ✠ RЄnATVS DVX BAR'm'

Unabridged legend: Renatus dux Barrensis marchio

Translation: René, Duke of Bar and Marquis.


Downward pointing sword dividing legend, flanked by an alerion and a bass.

Script: Latin

Lettering: mOnЄTA D S mIChAL

Translation: Coinage of Saint-Mihiel.


Saint-Mihiel, France (1343-1344)

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ND (1424-1431) 

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