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Drachm - Khusru II Second Reign - type II/3

Drachm - Khusru II (Second Reign - type II/3) -  obverseDrachm - Khusru II (Second Reign - type II/3) -  reverse

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Country Sasanian Empire
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 590-628
Value AR Drachm (1/12)
Currency Drachm (224 AD-651 AD)
Composition Silver (.900)
Weight 3.79 g
Diameter 32 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized Yes
References Göbl SN# II/3,
Robert Göbl; 1968. Sasanidische Numismatik. Klinkhardt und Biermann, Brunswick, Germany.
SNS Schaaf# 626-630-637-640-644-645-647-648-649-650-651-662,
Nikolaus Schindel; 2014. Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum: The Schaaf Collection - 2014. Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna, Austria. ISBN 9783700176961.
Val Sn# 50
William H. Valentine; 1921. Sassanian Coins. Spink & Son, London, United Kingdom.


Portrait of Khosru II "the victorious king", like Khursu I, but within a crescent, on which there is a six-pointed star fixed on the vertical bar; two wings are fixed to the bar going out from the rim, like a crescent with a star. The field of the coinis bordered by two pointed rims, and there is a crescent with a star behind them symmetrically on two sides and below.
Pahlavi legend

' pzwt GDH - Afzud xwarrah
hwsrwb - Husraw

May the royal Glory increase


Zoroastrian fire altar, an "atasdan" with a capitellum and plates, near which two attendants wearing headdresses stand facing ahead, are in the hunts, with a crescent with its ends pointing upwards. The narrow part of the "atasdan" is covered by ribbons. To the left of the fire there is a star, and to the right a crescent. There is a triple rim around the picture with four crescents and stars.
Pahlavi legend: to the left - the year of his reign; to the right - the mint.


Flat hammered coin smooth edge

There are variations of diameter from 26/28/30/32 millimeters


Khurso II / 2nd reign (591-628 AD)

Mint marks:
Historical detail: Khosrau II "The Victorious" (Chosroes II in classical sources, entitled "Aparvez"; later garbled into Parviz, خسرو پرویز Khosrow Parviz), was the last great king of the Sasanian Empire, reigning from 590 to 628.

Historical detail: The Holy Lance, also known as the Holy Spear, Spear of Destiny, Lance of Longinus, and Spear of Longinus, is the name given to the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross, according to the Gospel of John.
In 615, Jerusalem and its relics were captured by the Persian forces of King Khosrau II (Chosroes II)

Details of Khosru II type II/3 :



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ND (591-628) ST SNS# 649 (Type II/3 4.12 g.) Staxr / Istakhr (Persepolis) Fars
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ND (619-620) AP Abarsahr
ND (619-620) GD Gay (Jayy) Media
ND (622-623) GD Gay (Jayy) Media
ND (622-623) WYHC Veh-ar-Amid Kavad (Arrajan) Fars
ND (623-624) LYW Rev-Ardashir / Khuzistan (SNS# 640 - Type II/3)
ND (625-626) AY Eran-khvarrah-Shapur Khuzistan
ND (626-627) AY Eran-khvarrah-Shapur Khuzistan

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