Bronze Æ16

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Country Maroneia (Thrace)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 398 BC - 346 BC
Value Bronze AE
Currency Drachm
Composition Bronze
Weight 3.69 g
Diameter 16 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 44535
Numista (
References GCV# 1636
David R. Sear; 2004. Greek Coins and Their Values / Volume 1. Europe. Seaby, London, United Kingdom.
And 1 more volumes.


Horse prancing right; monogram beneath.


Three sides of linear square containing vine; monogram beneath.
Grape vines within a square.

Lettering: ΜΑΡ / ΩΝΙ / ΤΩΝ


Thrace Maroneia (Circa 400-350 BC)
Bronze coin of Ancient Greece
These 2,300 year-old coins advertised the wealth and wine of Maroneia, the same city Homer spoke of in The Odyssey. It was the strong wine of Maroneia that wily Odysseus used to make the Cyclops drunk, permitting his escape from the Cyclops's cave! The city of Maroneia was noted for its fine wine and horses. A prancing horse is on the obverse and grape vines within a square are on the reverse. A324V Littleton Coin Company, Inc.

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ND (398 BC - 346 BC) 

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