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Country Spain
Type Common coin
Years 1497-1566
Value 1/2 Maravedi (1/68)
Metal Billon
Weight 1.2 g
Diameter 20 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized yes


Crowned monogram of Ferdinand II of Aragon with mintmarks in beaded circle. Legend around.



Crowned monogram of Isabella I of Castile with marks in beaded circle. Legend around.

Lettering: + REX: ET: REGINA: CAST: LEGI


Blancas with this design were minted not only by Ferdinand II and Isabella I, but also by Charles V. The difference is the mark of the official.
Cal#536 Burgos
Cal#587 Cuenca star and C in obverse
Cal#593 Cuenca C and cross in obverse
Cal#607 Granada
Cal#623 Segovia roundels in obverse; clover and aqueduct in reverse
Cal#624 Segovia roundels in obverse; G, aqueduct and point in reverse
Cal#625 Segovia roundels in obverse; point,  aqueduct and A in reverse
Cal#626 Segovia xx in obverse; aqueduct and A in reverse
Cal#627 Segovia roundels in obverse; roundel, aqueduct and K in reverse
Cal#630 Segovia roundels in obverse; P, aqueduct and point in reverse
Cal#653 Seville
Cal#679 Toledo TM in obverse, oo in reverse
Cal#682 Toledo no marks in obverse, MT in reverse

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Year Mintage VG F VF XF UNC
ND C Cal#593
ND (1497-1566)  Cal#623
ND (1497-1566)  Cal#624
ND (1497-1566)  Cal#625
ND (1497-1566)  Cal#626
ND (1497-1566)  Cal#627
ND (1497-1566)  Cal#630
ND (1497-1566)  La Coruña. Shell of Saint James
ND (1497-1566) B Cal#536
ND (1497-1566) C Cal#587
ND (1497-1566) G Cal#607
ND (1497-1566) S Cal#653
ND (1497-1566) T Cal#679
ND (1497-1566) T Cal#682

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Country: Spain
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