¼ Ecu - Louis XIV

¼ Ecu - Louis XIV - obverse¼ Ecu - Louis XIV - reverse

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Issuer France
King Louis XIV (1643-1715)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1701-1703
Value ¼ Ecu (⅝)
Currency Livre tournois (987-1795)
Composition Silver (.917)
Weight 6.862 g
Diameter 29 mm
Shape Round
Technique Milled
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 45677
Numista type number (https://en.numista.com/help/what-is-the-n-number-visible-in-the-catalogue-33.html)
References Dy royales# 1535b
Jean Duplessy; 1999. Les monnaies françaises royales / Tome 1 : de Hugues Capet à Louis XVI (987-1793) (2e édition). Maison Platt, Paris, France.
And 1 more volumes.


Script: Latin

Lettering: LVD. XIIII. D. G (SOLEIL) - FR. ET. NAV. REX

Engraver: Joseph Roëttiers Read more on Wikipedia

Joseph Roettiers was a Flemish medallist active in England and France, and a member of the celebrated Roettier family of goldsmiths, silversmiths, and engravers.


Script: Latin

Lettering: Trèfle (si réformée) SIT. NOMEN. DOMINI. BENEDICTVM. DATE


& Aix-en-Provence, France
9 Rennes, France
A Paris, France (600-1973)
B Rouen, France (?-1858)
D Lyon, France (?-1858)
E Tours, France
G Poitiers, France
I Limoges, France (?-1837)
K Bordeaux, France (?-1880)
L Bayonne, France (?-1837)
M Toulouse, France (?-1837)
N Montpellier, France
O Riom, France
P Dijon, France
S Reims, France
T Nantes, France (?-1837)
V Troyes, France
X Amiens, France
Y Bourges, France

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