½ Real - Felipe II

½ Real - Felipe II -  obverse½ Real - Felipe II -  reverse

Obverse © R.O'Shea - Reverse © R. O'Shea


Issuer Mexico
King Philip II (1556-1598)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1572-1598
Value 1/2 Real (1/2)
Currency Real (1535-1897)
Composition Silver (.931)
Weight 1.6899 g
Shape Round (irregular)
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 57638
Numista type number (https://numista.com)
References MB# 20
George S. Cuhaj (editor); Standard Catalog of World Coins (pre-1600) (unpublished). Krause Publications.


Monogram obverse. Mint mark and assayers mark either left or right. Crown above, legend around.
"V" always below horizontal line on all Philip II issues of Half Real. Many varieties exist under each assayer.



Legend around florenzada cross, lions and castles inside 8 tressures.
Standard cross on first issues from "O". Fancy lions and castles.



Monogram of Philip II, the "V" is always UNDER the horizontal bar, thus distinguishing it from later issues of this mint. Many Varieties of Philip II monogram, changing with each assayer. Beginning with "O" Onate and ending with "F" Morales.

Coin shown is ex O'Shea 2010,  Aureo & Calico, 2014,  Ex - Jesus  Vico 2015. Type of "O" Onate, Tall "S" in monogram variety.

Formerly KM#20

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ND (1572-1589) oM-O Bernardo de Onate & son, Luis de Onate. Both as "O"
ND (1589) oM-oFo Francisco de Morales "oF" Scarce
ND (1589-1598) oM -F Francisco de Morales "F"
ND (1598) M- F-oD Francisco de Morales & Unknown Assayer oD-RARE

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