96 Kopecks - Elizaveta Krasny


Country Livonia and Estonia (Russia)
Queen Elizaveta (1741-1762)
Type Standard circulation coin
Year 1757
Value 96 Kopecks = 1 Livonese (1)
Currency Livonese (1756-1917)
Composition Silver (.750)
Weight 26.38 g
Diameter 40 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 60048
Numista (https://numista.com)
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Bust facing right and surrounded by legend.

Lettering: ELISABETHA · I · D · G · IMP · TOT · ROSS ·

Elisabetha I Dei Gratia Imperatrix Totum Russorum
Elizaveta I, with God's grace, Empress of all Russia


Double-headed Russian eagles carrying Livonian and Estonian shields, all surrounded by legend.


Moneta Livoestonika
Coin of Livoestonika


Cinquefoil and globe.

96 Kopecks - Elizaveta (Krasny) -  obverse

© Sulfur


Krasny Mint (Red Mint), Moscow, Russia


After the capitulation of the Swedish dominions of Livonia and Estonia to the Russians, while the two areas were supposed to adopt Russia's currency, both areas continued to use their Thaler-based ones, relying mainly on foreign coins to supply themselves. In response, Russia introduced the Livonese, which was basically the Russian version of the Thaler, with 1 Livonese equal to 96 Kopecks. Even so, the coins were tedious to ship, and it was later realized that 1 Livonese should have actually been equal to 109 Kopecks, so the minting of these pieces did not last long. For the most part, Livoestonika continued to use foreign coins until 1846, when Russia banned the use of foreign coins.

Novodels (official restrikes) exist, which all used the 1757 reverse die. Some restrikes use different obverse dies and edge styles, which are the ones easy to tell apart; however, those that use the same obverse die and same edge style are a little more difficult to differentiate. On the official coins, the tip of the bust's crown should point between 'D G' of the legend. On the restrikes, the tip points to the back-end of the 'D'.

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Date Mintage VG F VF XF AU UNC
1757  27 000

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