Denarius Pomponia: Quintus Pomponius Musa; Q•POMPONI MVSA; Melpomene


Country Roman Republic (ancient) (Rome)
Type Standard circulation coin
Year 66 BC
Value Denarius (1)
Currency Denarius of 10 Asses (221 – 141 BC)
Composition Silver
Weight 3.95 g
Diameter 18 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 66715
Numista (
References RCV I# 354,
David R. Sear; 2000. Roman Coins and Their Values / Volume 1. The Republic and the Twelve Caesars 280 BC-AD 96. Spink & Son, London, United Kingdom.
RSC# 14
Herbert A. Seaby, David R. Sear, Robert Loosley; 1978. Roman Silver Coins / Volume 1. The Republic to Augustus (3rd edition). Numismatic Fine Arts Intl, London, United Kingdom.
And 4 more volumes.


Laureate head of Apollo right; behind, sceptre.
Border of dots.


Melpomene, the Muse of Tragedy, standing facing, looking right, resting on club with right hand and holding tragic maks in left hand.
Moneyer mark in two parts downwards on either side.
Border of dots.


Translation: Quintus Pomponius Musa




The gens Pomponia was a plebeian family at Rome throughout the period of the Republic and into imperial times. The first of the gens to achieve prominence was Marcus Pomponius, tribune of the plebs in 449 BC; the first who obtained the consulship was Manius Pomponius Matho in 233 BC.

The moneyer Quintus Pomponius Musa plays on his name here by striking a 10-coins as a serie related to the myth of the Muses: 9 coins representing the 9 Muses along with one coin representing Hercules. Hercules is known in Greece, and as represented on this coin, as Hercules Musarum or Hercules Musageta, meaning Hercules, leader of the Muses.

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ND (-66)  Rome mint - RRC#410/4, CRR#816

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