1 Pound - Elizabeth II 2nd portrait


Country Isle of Man
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1978-1982
Value 1 Pound / Sovereign
IMP = 1.27 USD
Metal Copper-nickel-zinc
Weight 4 g
Diameter 22 mm
Thickness 1.45 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
References KM# 44
Standard Catalog of World Coins
by George S. Cuhaj
(Krause Publications)


Crowned portrait facing right, lettering around edge, date below. Engraver's initials below portrait

· 1980 ·

Engraver: Arnold Machin

Arnold Machin O.B.E., R.A. was a British artist, sculptor, coin and stamp designer.


The Triskeles emblem, on a map of the Isle of Man, fleur-de-lis either side, lettering around edge. Plain border
NOTE: The mintmark is on the edge of the map, above the N of ONE



Alternating plain and milled sections (3 each)

1 Pound - Elizabeth II (2nd portrait)

© ZacUK

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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC
1978 PM AA die letters
1978 PM AB die letters
1978 PM AC die letters
1978 PM 3,780 AD die letters
1978 PM 150,000 Proof; BB die letters
1978 PM Proof; BC die letters
1979  1,000 crossed oars
1979 PM AA die letters
1979 PM AB die letters
1979 PM AC die letters
1979 PM Proof; BB die letters
1980 PM AA die letters
1980 PM AB die letters
1980 PM 100,000 AC die letters
1980 PM 30,000 DMIHE; AA die letters
1980 PM DMIHE; AB die letters
1980 PM DMIHE; AC die letters
1980 PM DMIHEN; AA die letters
1980 PM DMIHEN; AB die letters
1980 PM 5,000 Proof; BB die letters
1980 PM TT; AA die letters
1980 PM TT; AB die letters
1981 PM AA die letters
1981 PM IIHE; AA die letters
1981 PM 26,000 Proof; BB die letters
1981 PM Proof; BC die letters
1982 PM AA die letters
1982 PM Proof; baby cradle privy mark

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Country: France
Languages : French
Feedback: 5/55/55/55/55/5 (×22)
Country: Russia
Languages : English Russian

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1 Pound - Elizabeth II (2nd portrait)