½ Siliqua - Ioel

½ Siliqua - Ioel -  obverse½ Siliqua - Ioel -  reverse

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Country Aksum
Type Standard circulation coin
Year 560
Value ½ Siliqua (1/48)
Currency Roman-Byzantine Solidus contemporary currency (301-cca. 640)
Composition Silver (.900)
Weight 0.85 g
Diameter 12 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized Yes
References MHAC# 129
Aksumite Coins
by Stuart Munro-Hay


Bust of Ioel facing, crowned, wearing cloak, three pellets in right field.

Translation: "King Ioel".


Cross with gilt center, within a circle.

Lettering: ΑΡΕϹΗΧΥ

Translation: "By the grace of Christ".


Lettering in Ge'ez and Greek languages.

Aksum was on the maritime trade route between the Roman Empire, which became the Byzantine Empire in late 6th century, and India. This coin seems to be compatible with the Roman-Byzantine Half-Siliqua, created after the Roman coinage reform of Constantine I and remaining after the Anastasius reform replacing the Roman system by the Byzantine system.

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