Dinar - "kushansha" Hormizd I under Shapur I


Country Indo-Sasanian Kingdom
Type Circulating commemorative coin
Years 256-264
Value AV Dinar (1)
Metal Gold
Weight 7.79 g
Shape Round
Demonetized yes
References Herfeld# 9
Kushano Sasanian coins
by Ernst Herfeld
(Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of India)

Commemorative issue

Imperial series


King standing left, trident in left field.
Helmet ending in lion's head, surmounted by flower-like globe; hair bushy, point of beard drawn through ring, halo around head.
Trident over altar without crescent; to right, "triralna", sometimes with swastika.
Kushan legend.
In second line, name of mint.


Siva standing before bull Nandi, on base line.
God in Sasanian garment, with Sasanian diadem; top-hair satnding on end; head of Siva in front view.
Trident in left, noose in right hand.
Kushan legend.


Ernst Herzfeld n°9

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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC
ND (256-264) 
ND (256-264)  Balkh mint

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Dinar - "kushansha" Hormizd I (under Shapur I)