Pashiz / Unit / Chalkous - Kavadh I Second Reign - type V/2


Issuer Sasanian Empire (Persia)
Emperor Kawad I (488-496; 498-531)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 488-531
Value AE pashiz / AE unit / AE Chalkous (1/576)
Currency Drachm (224 AD-651 AD)
Composition Copper
Weight 1.8 g
Diameter 14 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 74376
Numista (
References Göbl SN# V/2,
Robert Göbl; 1968. Sasanidische Numismatik. Klinkhardt und Biermann, Brunswick, Germany.
SNS Schaaf# 545-547,
Nikolaus Schindel; 2014. Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum : The Schaaf Collection - 2014. Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna, Austria.
Val Sn# 41
William H. Valentine; 1921. Sassanian Coins. Spink & Son, London, United Kingdom.


Decorated facing bust of king rigth, wearing earrings and crown surmonted by globe or korymbos and crescent

Lettering: KaVAT AFZUTU

Translation: May Kavat be prosperous


Fire altar decorated with ribbons; two attendants facing inwards. Crescent and star above

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ND (488-531)  Göbl# V/2
ND (490-530)  W. H. Valentine#41
ND (499-531) LYW SNS# 545 (Type Ib/1a 0.46 g.) Rev Ardashir Khuzestan
ND (499-531) ML SNS# 547 (Type Id/1c 1.28 g.) Merv Khurasan

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