1 Tanka - Nasir al-Din Mahmud I ibn Iltutmish

1 Tanka - Nasir al-Din Mahmud I ibn Iltutmish -  obverse 1 Tanka - Nasir al-Din Mahmud I ibn Iltutmish -  reverse

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Country Sultanate of Delhi
(Indian states and kingdoms)
Type Common coin
Years 1246-1266
Value 1 Tanka
Metal Gold
Weight 10.96 g
Diameter 26 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized yes
References C# 335
Coins of the World, 1750-1850
by William D. Craig
(Whitman Publishing)


Field within double circle
al-sultan al-a‘zam / nasir al-dunya wa’l-din / abu’l-muzaffar mahmud / ibn al-sultan

duriba hadhihi’l-sikka bi-hadrat dihli …. in wa sittmi’a

Field within double circle
“The Supreme Sultan Defender of the World and the State, Father of Victory Mahmud son of the Sultan.”

“this coin struck at Hadrat Dihli ….. and six hundred


Within double circle
pellet / fi ‘ahd al-imam / al-musta’sim amir / al-mu’minin

largely off flan sana arba‘ wa sittin wa sittmi’a

Within double circle
“in the time of the Imam al-Musta’sim, Commander of the Faithful”

“the year four and sixty and six hundred”

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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC
ND (1246-1266)  Delhi mint

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1 Tanka - Nasir al-Din Mahmud I ibn Iltutmish