8 Reales - Fernando VII Zacatecas - Royalist Coinage


Country Mexico
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1813-1822
Value 8 Reales (8)
Currency War of Independence - Real (1810-1822)
Composition Silver (.903)
Weight 27.07 g
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 74779
Numista (https://numista.com)
References KM# 111.5
Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard Catalog of World Coins / 2001-Date (14th edition). Krause Publications, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA.
And 4 more volumes.


Draped laureate bust right with legend around.


Translation: Fernando 7th by the grace of God


Crowned arms shield flanked by pillars with legend around.

Lettering: •HISPAN•ET IND•REX•Zs•8R•R•G•

King of Spain and the Indies
Zacatecas 8 Reales RG


Although similar in design to KM#111, these .5 coins were made by Loyalists in their region. So the design is but a mere copy of the Mexico City one.

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Date VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequency
1813 Zs FP 0%
1814 Zs AG 0% Over-initials AG/FP exist. Variety D over horizontal D in IND exists.
1814 Zs FP 0%
1815 Zs AG 3%
1816 Zs AG 5%
1817 Zs AG 0%
1818 Zs AG 5%
1819 Zs AG 5%
1820 Zs AG 16% Error 18/11 exists.
1820 Zs RG 3%
1821 Zs 3% KM#111.6 Error "HISAV"
1821 Zs AZ 0% Over-initials AZ/RG exist. Several bust varieties exist.
1821 Zs RG 55% Over-date 1821/81 exists. Several bust varieties exist.
1822 Zs RG 16%

Frequencies show the percentage of Numista users who own each year or variety among all the users who own this coin. Since some users own several versions, the sum may be greater than 100%.

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Numista Rarity index: 72 Search tips
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Bullion value: 21.84 USD Search tips
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