100 Escudos Sailship "Madalan"; Brass ring

100 Escudos (Sailship "Madalan"; Brass ring) -  obverse 100 Escudos (Sailship "Madalan"; Brass ring) -  reverse

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Country Cape Verde
Type Circulating commemorative coin
Year 1994
Value 100 Escudos
100 CVE = 1.02 USD
Metal Bi-Metallic Copper-nickel center in Brass ring
Weight 10 g
Diameter 26.5 mm
Shape Decagonal (10-sided)
References KM# 40a
Standard Catalog of World Coins
by George S. Cuhaj
(Krause Publications)

Commemorative issue

Ships sailing under Cabo Verde Flag Series - Sailship "Madalan"


National emblem divides date, denomination at top, value at bottom

19 94


Boat, sailship "Madalan"

Lettering: MADALAN



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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC
1994  1.12 3.37

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100 Escudos (Sailship "Madalan"; Brass ring)