Gros - Henry II second reign


Country Kingdom of Cyprus
(Crusader states)
Type Common coin
Years 1310-1324
Value 1 Gros = 24 Deniers (24)
Metal Silver
Weight 4.4 g
Diameter 25 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized yes


The King sitting on a curule chair with foreparts of lions. He holds a sceptre in right hand and a globus cruciger in his left. Inscription around it and a solid ring on the rim.

Lettering: + hЄnRI | RЄI DЄ

Translation: Henry king of


Cross of jerusalem (large cross with a square in the centre, with smaller crosses in each quarter part), surrounded by a beaded ring. Another beaded ring on the rim, with the inscription between the rings.

Lettering: + IЄRVSALЄM ЄD ChIPR,

Translation: Jerusalem and Cyprus

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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC
ND (1310-1324)  Obverse: Cross in left field
ND (1310-1324)  Obverse: F in left field
ND (1310-1324)  Obverse: No things around king
ND (1310-1324)  Obverse: Rossete in right field
ND (1310-1324)  Obverse: Star in left field
ND (1310-1324)  Obverse:Two lilies in left field, third in right field

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Gros - Henry II (second reign)