Denar - Vladislaus I Imprisonment of Jacob Apella


Country Royal mint of Bohemia (Kingdom of Bohemia)
Duke Vladislaus I (1109-1117, 1120-1125)
Type Circulating commemorative coin
Year 1124
Value 1 Denar (1)
Currency Denar (935-1300)
Composition Silver
Shape Round
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 91537
Numista (
References Cach# 551
František Cach; 1970. Nejstarší české mince / 1. Ceské denáry do mincovní reformy Bretislava I. Česká Numismatická Společnost, Prague, Czech Republic.
And 3 more volumes.

Commemorative issue

Imprisonment of jew Jacob Apella


Duke figure with sword holding shield in left hand and slave figure on lace pleading for mercy.


Translation: Duke Vladislaus


Civitas Dei motif - Saint Wenceslaus figure over wall and between two towers holding a book


Translation: Wenceslaus


Bohemia chronicler Cosmas noted imprisonment of prominent Jew Jacob Apella by Vladislaus on 22. July 1124. He was later ransomed by jewish community for 840 000 denars and money raised that way was used by duke to free Christian slaves from Jews in the country. One slave costed approximately 300 denars (female slaves costed double, about 600 denars), so Vladislaus freed about 2000 people from slavery. Coins were mostl likely minted from the very silver collected for ransom in second half of 1124.

Vladislaus I (Czech: Vladislav) ruled in difficult times of dynasty strugles. He was Bohemian duke between 1109 - 1117 and then again from 1120 until his death in 1125.

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ND (1124) 

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