100 Rubles Russian Winter


Issuer Russia
Period Russian Federation (1991-date)
Type Non-circulating coin
Year 2014
Value 100 Rubles
100 RUB = USD 1.41
Currency Ruble (1998-date)
Composition Silver (.925)
Weight 1 083.74 g
Diameter 100 mm
Thickness 15 mm
Shape Round
Technique Milled
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Number N# 95524
Numista (https://numista.com)
References Y# 1481,
Richard S. Yeoman, Arthur L. Friedberg; 2007. A Catalog of Modern World Coins : 1850-1964 (14th edition). Whitman Publishing Company, Atlanta, USA.
CBR# 5117-0051
Central Bank of Russia (https://www.cbr.ru/eng/cash_circulation/memorable_coins/coins_base/)

Commemorative issue

The XXII Olympic Winter Games and the XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in the City of Sochi

Series: 2014 Winter Olympics Sochi


On the mirror field of the disc - the relief image of the National Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation, over it - the semicircular inscription along the rim: "РОССИЙСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ" (THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION), below under the coat of arms: to the left - indications of the metal according to the D.I. Mendeleev's Periodic System of Elements and its purity, to the right in two lines - fine precious metal content and the trade mark of the Saint Petersburg Mint, on bottom in the centre, in two lines - the denomination of the coin: "100 РУБЛЕЙ" (100 RUBLES) and the date: "2014 г." ( 2014).

Script: Cyrillic

Ag 925 1 КГ
2014 г.

The Russian Federation
Ag 925 1 Kg
The Bank of Russia
100 Rubles
2014 year

Engraver: E.V. Kramskaya; sculptor Dolgopolova


On the matted field of the disc, on light sections - genre scenes of Shrovetide festivities: to the right above - the Shrove Pole crowned by a cart wheel, a man who has climbed up the pole and took down a pair of jackboots, figures of spectators around the pole, below - three galloping horses harnessed to a sledge with a fare, to the left at the rim - a man with the trained bear, over them - scene of the fisticuffs between two men; on dark-grey curved stripes which divide light sections of the disc with genre scenes - crowded people in winter clothes watching at what is going on, to the left below, in two lines - the inscription: "СОЧИ" and the date: "2014", under them - five Olympic rings.

Script: Cyrillic


Translation: Sochi

Engravers: A.A. Brynza; sculptors A.A. Dolgopolova, A.N. Bessonov, A.V. Baklanov


Reeded, 360 corrugations


Date of issue: 03.09.2012

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Date Mintage VG F VF XF AU UNC
2014 СПМД 1 200 Proof-like; St. Petersburg Mint

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