Denarius - Juba II Eagle


Issuer Mauretania
King Juba II (25 BC - 23 AD)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 25 BC - 23 AD
Value Denarius (1)
Currency Denarius (25BC-40AD)
Composition Silver
Weight 3 g
Diameter 18 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 95562
Numista type number (
References CNNM# 206,
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MAA# 86 var.,
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And 43 more volumes.
GICV# 5977
David R. Sear; 1982. Greek Imperial Coins and their Values - The Local Coinages of the Roman Empire. Seaby, London, United Kingdom.


Head of Juba II, right, diademed.

Lettering: REX IVBA

Translation: "King Juba".


Eagle stanting facing on a thunderbolt, wings spread, head right holding a laurel wreath on its beak ; transversal sceptre over left wing; crescent below the thunderbolt


Other reference: Müller# 57 var.

The type with the eagle is minted in honour of the Emperor August, as the eagle is a symbol of his imperial power.

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ND (25 BC - 23 AD) 

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