2 Gerah Hacksilber ingot

2 Gerah (Hacksilber ingot) -  obverse 2 Gerah (Hacksilber ingot) -  reverse


Country Judea
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 930 BC - 586 BC
Value 2 Gerah = 1/10 Shekel (0.1)
Composition Silver
Weight 1.25 g
Shape Cylindrical
Demonetized Yes


Hacksilber Ingot, c. 10-6 centuries BCE, cut silver ingot around 10.6 x 6.4 mm. These are quite rare. Similar ingots were found at Ein Gedi in a terra cotta cookingpot, hidden in a building destroyed near the end of Iron Age II, early 6th century BC.Avi-Yonah Encylcopedia of the Holy Land, volume 2, p. 374.14.

This hacksilber ingot weighs 1.25 grams which is around 2 Gerah of the Israelite shekel (weight of around 11.4 grams) although it is by no means certain that hacksilber bits were in specific denominations or simply various sizes convenient to handle, combine,and weigh on a balance scale. See Hendin Ancient Scale Weights No.5 for more examples.

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Year Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC
ND (930 BC - 586 BC) 

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2 Gerah (Hacksilber ingot)