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After the establishment of the Ostrogothic Kingdom in 493, Theoderic (493-526) focused on Ravenna, building many great monuments and renovating anything currently there, hoping Ravenna would match or surpass the statuses held by Rome and Constantinople. Even though Theoderic put so much effort into the then-prosperous city, all presiding rulers did not continue his effort. After the Byzantines declared war on the Ostrogoths in 435, Ravenna was left even more neglected, going to the point where they needed to strike their own local, small-change coins. In 554, when the Byzantines defeated the Ostrogoths, Ravenna went to the Byzantines. Read more

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Nummus (536-554)

10 Nummi
Bronze • 2.88 g • ⌀ 17 mm
MEC# -, BMC Vandal# 34, MIB I# 76, Metlich# 77, Kraus# 1
10 Nummi
Bronze • 2.86 g
MEC# 145, BMC Vandal# 7, MIB I# 72, Metlich# 78, Kraus# 3

Numista referee for this country is Sulfur.

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