Banknotes from the Riau

Riau refers to a region in central Sumatra, on the west side of the Straits of Malacca opposite Malaya. Due to geographic proximity the region had been influenced economically by Malaya, to the extent that its currency (the Malaya and British Borneo dollar) circulated in the region. In 1963 plans were made by Indonesia to withdraw the MBB dollar from circulation, and as a transitional currency the Riau rupiah coins were introduced, at a higher rate than the Indonesian rupiah. Just a year later in 1964 these coins were declared no longer legal tender, and were converted at a rate of 1 Riau rupiah to 14.5 Indonesian rupiah.
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Rupiah (1963-1964)

100 Sen = 1 Rupiah

5 Rupiah (Overprint)

Standard banknote
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