Banknotes from the Duchy of Savoy

Savoy-Piedmont refers to the Duchy of Savoy from the moment that its capital was moved from Chambéry (now in France) to the Italian city of Turin in 1562. In 1720 the Kingdom of Sardinia was awarded to the House of Savoy, but the coinages of both areas were not unified until 1816. During the Napoleonic Wars, Piedmont was briefly part of the Subalpine Republic. For pre-1562 coinage of Savoy, please refer to the Duchy of Savoy listed under France Feudal. For coins of the Sardinian-Piedmontese Lira minted after 1816, please refer to the Kingdom of Sardinia.
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See also: Italy, Savoy (Feudal France), Kingdom of Sardinia

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