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Banknotes from the Municipality of Schlierbach

Schlierbach is a municipality in the Kirchdorf District, Federal State of Upper Austria. It has a population of 2,869 inhabitants. After the First World War, Gemeinde Schlierbach (English: Municipality of Schlierbach) issued notgeld in response to a severe shortage of currency.
Wikidata: Q249555

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Krone (notgeld, 1918-1921)

1 Krone = 100 Heller

Available for swap 20 Heller (Schlierbach)

Local banknote
Jaksc/Pick# JPR0962IIa-20
Available for swap 30 Heller (Schlierbach)

Local banknote
Jaksc/Pick# JPR0962IIa-30
Available for swap 50 Heller (Schlierbach)

Local banknote
Jaksc/Pick# JPR0962IIa-50

Numista referee for banknotes of this issuer is alamir.

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