Exonumia from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island nation in the Indian Ocean close to Southeast India and has a population of 20 million. Until 1972 it was known as Ceylon. Ceylon refers to the island of (Sri) Lanka, and the colonial status of the island under (primarily) the Dutch and British. It was inhabited by various local kingdoms that issued their own coinage, such as the Kingdom of Kandy, until Portuguese colonial presence was established in the 16th century. The Dutch East Indies Company took over the whole island in the 17th century, but during the Napoleonic Wars, the British occupied the island in 1802, and the colony was officially seceded to the British in 1815. Coins were issued vis-à-vis the old Dutch Rixdollar until 1828; the Ceylon Rupee's coins were introduced in 1870. After WWII, when the British Indian Raj became independent in 1947, Ceylon was elevated to dominion status in 1948 too; it's independence in this form lasted until 1972, when it became a republic (Sri Lanka) within the Commonwealth.

Periods from Sri Lanka: Ceylon (1597-1972), Sri Lanka (1972-date)

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Institution medals

Medal - UNESCO Jetavana

Commemorative medals › Institution medal: Cultural triangle project
Bronze • 148.80 g • ⌀ 60 mm
N# 197006

Fantasy currency

500 Rupees (Tamil Eelam)

Fantasy items › Fantasy currency
Silver plated copper-nickel • 23.8 g • ⌀ 33.8 mm
N# 160596

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