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Suriname is a country located in the north of South America. It borders Guyana, French Guyana and Brazil. Originally settled by Arawak tribes, the Guyana coast was contested by English and Dutch sugar planters. The Treaty of Breda (1667) formalised Dutch rule in Suriname in return for New Amsterdam (now New York) to the English. The country gained independence from the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1975. Suriname is known for its rich rain forests and a small but very diverse population of almost 600,000. The Surinamese Guilder was introduced in 1940 when it was decoupled from homeland Guilder and pegged to U.S. Dollar instead. A fully separate coinage was introduced in 1962 and continued after independence. After a period of chronic inflation, the Gulden was replaced by the Surinamese Dollar at 1000:1 in 2004. Instead of being demonetised, earlier coins were revalued. Read more

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