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Coins from Kingdom of Thessalonica

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"The Kingdom of Thessalonica was a short-lived Crusader State founded in 1204, after the Fourth Crusade, over conquered Byzantine lands in Macedonia and Thessaly. It became part of the Despotate of Epirus in 1224. During its short life, the Kingdom issued only billon trachies and half trachies."
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See also: Latin Empire of Constantinople

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First Hyperpyron Nomisma (1092-cca. 1300)

1 Hyperpyron Nomisma = 3 Aspra Trachy Nomisma = 48 Aspra Trachy Stamena = 864 Tetartera

Aspron Trachy - Latin Rulers of Thessalonica

Copper • 2 g • ⌀ 23.5 mm
DOC IV-1# 24

Numista referee for coins of this issuer is Tomas530.

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