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Banknotes from Togo

Togo is a small French-speaking West African country. It was first colonised by Leo Caprivi for the German Empire in 1884/5 during the Scramble for Africa, but it was taken by the Allies in 1914 following the outbreak of WWI in Europe that year. After the war, it became a French mandate (Togoland), administered as part of French West Africa from 1919, minting coins for the territory, with a brief interlude in 1940-42 as part of Vichy France, until 1960, when it became the independent state of Togo, which still exists today.
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See also: Western African States, French West Africa

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Franc (1924-1956)

100 Centimes = 1 Franc

100 Francs

Standard banknote
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