Banknotes from Turkey

The Republic of Turkey is a country in Europe and Asia. A small part is located on the southeastern tip of the Balkans bordering Bulgaria and Greece, and the main part in Anatolia bordering the Transcaucasian countries Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan (through the exclave of Nakhichevan) to the northeast, Iran to the east and the Levantine countries of Iraq and Syria to the southeast. Turkey has a population of almost 80 million, with an 80% majority of Turks next to Kurdish, Armenian, Greek, Assyrian, Jewish and Circassian minorities.
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See also: Ottoman Empire, Byzantine Empire, County of Edessa

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New lira (2005-date)

100 Kuruş = 1 Lira

Available for swap 50 Lira

Standard banknote
148 × 68 mm
P# 225
Available for swap 100 New Lira

Standard banknote
158 × 81 mm
P# 221
Available for swap 100 Lira

Standard banknote
154 × 72 mm
P# 226
Available for swap 200 Turkish Lira

Standard banknote
160 × 72 mm
P# 227

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