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Coins from the City of Vercelli

Vercelli is a city in Piedmont, northern Italy. The city is situated on the river Sesia in the plain of the river Po between Milan and Turin. It is one of the oldest urban sites in northern Italy, founded around 600 BC by the Ligures. It became an important Roman municipium. After the Lombard invasion, it belonged to the Duchy of Ivrea. From 885 it was under the jurisdiction of a prince-bishop, who was a Count of the Empire. It became an independent commune in 1120, and joined the first and second Lombard leagues. In 1228, the University of Pavia was transferred to Vercelli, where it remained until the 14th century. After 1263, Vercelli was disputed between Milan and Montferrat, switching between the two powers repeatedly. Theodore II of Montferrat finally established his rule in 1404 and passed the city to the dukes of Savoy in 1427. The city issued coins while being besieged by the Spaniards in 1617 and again by Milan in 1638.
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1 Lira = 20 Soldi = 60 Grossi = 240 Denari


Silver • 5.45 g • ⌀ 29 mm

Numista referee for coins of this issuer is jokinen, loruca.

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