Plain or Smooth? Pick your choice!

Closed contest

Here we are with another short game!

As new guidelines are being drafted, give your opinion on what should be used for basic edge description on English side of coin files.

- Game open until Sunday.
- 1 (one) single question.
- 1 (one) participation per member; multiple submissions will disqualify the member who submits them.
- This game is about the English side of Numista but is of course open to any member.
- At the end, results will be compiled and published with percentages: number of votes for the word/number of total votes. The highest percentage will give the word to be used on Numista.
- All members having picked the winning word (highest percentage) will be pooled for a random draw.
- 1 (one) member will be picked up randomly from the pool and will win a 1 cent 1848 A.


Beginning: 9-Jul-2018 12:00PM (GMT+2)
End: 15-Jul-2018 12:00PM (GMT+2)
The contest is over.


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