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The collection of Some_Nerd

1092 coins • 147 countries • 206 issuers

51 banknotes • 15 countries • 16 issuers

75 pieces of exonumia • 12 countries • 12 issuers

What Some_Nerd collects

- Latin American coins, with emphasis on nations of the former Central American Republic, nations of the former Gran Colombia, Bolivia, and the Dominican Republic.

- Emergency money (excluding German and French Notgeld), siege coinage, and countermarked/counterstruck coinage

-Pre-1945 tokens, preferably if they had some kind of value (rather then medals, willing to make an exception if pre-1914)

Swap with Some_Nerd

853 coins for swap
9 banknotes for swap
41 pieces of exonumia for swap
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What Some_Nerd wants

Circulation coins from countries/issuers I don't have, preferably pre-1964.

List of Countries/Issuers I am looking for:

I am also looking for foreign coins manufactured by US mints.
Link to coins I am looking for:

Important: For coins marked "For Circulation," I would like spent in your country (e. g. Euros or Canadian Dollars). Same for coins marked "For exchange" (e. g. German Marks or Austrian Schillings). I can explain further in messages.

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