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172 coins

United States
Dollar (1785-date)
small o inside 0
Overdate last 1 over 0
large letters
small letters
rounded bust
With "L"
Shallow "N"
Variety 2
Modified/unauthentic mintmarks exist
small date, small "5C"
small "5C"
KM#62.1 Without drapery
Repunched mintmark (D over S; many varieties), mintage included with 1938 D
KM#192 Proof
Doubled Die Reverse
mintage included in 1824
KM#63.1 Small Stars
Doubled Die Obverse
KM# 64.1 Without drapery
Large "S"
Small "S"
overdate large 9/8
curled "2"
large letters
small letters
D on obverse
S on obverse
700,546 Red Book mintages
Obverse 1, Reverse 2
high relief
large "S"
small "S"