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Country: India
Languages : English
For swap: 74 coins, 19 banknotes
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74 coins • 19 banknotes

Euro (2002-date)
Canadian dollar (1858-date)
China › China, People's Republic of
Second Rénmínbì (1955-date)
1 Yuan KM# 1212
Czech Republic
Koruna (1993-date)
1 Koruna KM# 7
Euro (2002-date)
2 Euro Cent KM# 1283
Germany › Germany, Federal Republic of
Euro (2002-date)
5 Euro Cent KM# 209
Rupee (decimalized, 1957-date)
KM#18.3 (Type 2; Bombay Mint; 7mm "5" on reverse side legend)
5 Paise KM# 23a
Hyderabad Mint
10 Paise (FAO) KM# 38
Calcutta Mint
10 Paise KM# 39
Calcutta Mint
Mumbai Mint
Calcutta Mint
Mumbai Mint
Calcutta Mint
10 Paise KM# 40.1
KM#40.1 (Noida Mint)
25 Paise KM# 49
KM#49.1 (Bombay Mint)
25 Paise KM# 54
Calcutta Mint
50 Paise KM# 69
(fr) Calcutta
1 Rupee KM# 92
KM#92.2 (Smooth edge, Pretoria mint)
KM#130.1 (Calcutta Mint; Type C)
Calcutta Mint; large date
Mumbai Mint; large date
Calcutta Mint
2 Rupees KM# 395
5 Rupees KM# 154
KM#154.1 (Moscow Mint; security edge)
Calcutta Mint
5 Rupees KM# 399
Calcutta Mint
Calcutta Mint
5 Rupees KM# 513
10 Rupees KM# 400
10 Rupees KM# 514
20 Rupees KM# 515
Ringgit (1967-date)
10 Sen - Agong KM# 51
20 Sen - Agong KM# 52
flower diameter 13.5 mm - medium petals, wide rim, pistil near
Rupee (1932-date)
२०६६ Republic Coinage
Euro (2002-date)
bow & star
Rouble (1998-date)
Moscow Mint
St. Petersburg Mint
Euro (2002-date)
Baht (1897-date)
พ.ศ. ๒๕๖๑; space between center ๑๐; early type from small mint bag
พ.ศ. ๒๕๖๑; (mint roll / mint bag) see comment section
United Arab Emirates
Dirham (1973-date)
١٤٣٣ - ٢٠١٢
United States
Dollar (1785-date)
Rupee (decimalized, 1957-date)
1 Rupee P# 78A
Signature: SV¹; P#78Ac 'A' inset, prefix A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,K,L
5 Rupees P# 88A
Ringgit (1967-date)
1 Ringgit P# 51
P#51a Signature: Zeti Akhtar Aziz