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339 coins

Canadian dollar (1858-date)
Alloy 2; ML, Blunt '7'
With a fold on the shoulder
KM#81.1 (Small portrait, 120 beads)
Issued on February 6, 1992
Released on April 7, 1992
Released on May 7, 1992
Released on June 4, 1992
Issued on August 6, 1992
Issued on September 9, 1992
Released on December 9, 1992
Released on November 5, 1992
Issued on October 1, 1992
(fr) Circulation
Released for circulation in 2010
(fr) fini hors-circulation
(fr) fini hors-circulation
(fr) fini hors-circulation
(fr) fini hors-circulation avec couleur
Type 1: frosted explorers
Type 2: frosted compass arc
Type 1: frosting body of bowhead whale (including the small fin tip)
Type 2: frosting two beluga whales
Uncirculated colored coin
Uncirculated coin
KM#75.1 (large bust, 1.93mm planchet)
(fr) fini hors-circulation
Dirham (1960-date)
Nuevo sol (1991-2015) / Sol (2016-date)
With straight date; slender script
United States
Dollar (1785-date)