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Country: United States
Languages : English
For swap: 22 banknotes, 57 pieces of exonumia
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22 banknotes • 57 pieces of exonumia

First riel (1953-1975)
50 Riels P# 7
a. Western numerals in plate block designator. Signature 3
100 Riels P# 8
P#8c2 - signature 13
500 Riels P# 16
P#16a - signature 13
Canadian dollar (1858-date)
1 Dollar Ch GPM# BC-46
Signatures: JWC¹, GKB²; P#85c
2 Dollars Ch GPM# BC-55
Signatures: GGT¹, JWC²; P#94b. (Prefix: ARX 1263731 → ARX 1339314)
Germany › Germany (1871-1948)
Reichsmark (1924-1948)
P#181a; Watermark: W. von Siements at left; with under print letter
Rupee (decimalized, 1957-date)
2 Rupees P# 52
Signature: SJ²
Indonesia › Indonesia (1949-date)
Rupiah (1965-date)
1 Sen P# 90
P#90r - Replacement note with first serial # prefix letter "X".
First Rupee (1937-1944)
P#16b; Block letters: BA; No Watermark; silk threads; smooth paper; short line; BA 6.75mm; 61-63mm space between
Third Córdoba "Oro" (1991-date)
1 Centavo P# 167
Rial (1972-date)
Peso (notgeld, 1941-1945)
2 Pesos P# S189
Peso (1857-1967)
1 Peso P# 109
P#109a Serial number and block number (1-81)
5 Pesos P# 110
100 Pesos P# 112
P# 112a
Baht (1897-date)
(fr) 75a sign.34
Signatures: Captain Suchat Jaovisid & Pridiyatorn Devakul
P. 107a.1 Signature 74
Second new đồng (1985-date)
500 Đồng P# 101
P#101a; small serial number digits (17mm)
2000 Đồng P# 107
P#107a; Large serial #s (27mm) with serifs
Zimbabwe › Zimbabwe (1980-date)
Third Dollar (2007-2008)
Canada - Local Dollar Tokens
Unspecified currency
China › China, Republic of
Italy - Souvenir Tokens
Netherlands - Utility Tokens
See comments for details
United Kingdom, British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies › United Kingdom
United States › Puerto Rico
Token - Pasaje Regular AC# PR 640 H
United States
Automatic Tokens
Sales Tax Tokens
Various shades of green color
United States - Merchandise Tokens
United States - Promotional Gas Tokens
United States - Souvenir Tokens
Dollar (1785-date)
Unspecified currency
1 Fare - Metrobus AC# DC 500 AL
Token - Skoal TC# 424458
Lacy, WA
NY 630 AYa