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Chinese Coins
Posted: 12-Mar-2020, 04:29AM in Numismatic questions

use blade, I'm not kidding. ask dealers in Chinatown

strange parcel number
Posted: 20-Dec-2019, 03:34AM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "Anto coin"​Hello everybody! • ​I'm Italian. That code it's, as already said by your swap partner, typical of a postal service called postapriority international. It allows you to know when the parcel leaves from Italy (as already told by aephi) and according to Italian posta it allows you to know when the parcel is delivered. Furthermore it's faster than ordinary parcels. • ​In these days, for the first time, I lost a postapriority international parcel and I investigated better this service and I realised that you can't track it never! In each phase of the shipping using that code in the poste italiane website will appear the message "product not available". • ​Don't worry for this, this is not a problem of your swap partner, it's a problem of Italian services that defraud Italian people: unfortunately this is Italy. ​maybe Italy Post can track the "export or not" status from a private system, if you claim. but I don't believe[...]

Swaping Silver for Non silver
Posted: 16-Dec-2019, 05:01PM in Free discussion

Quote: "yvon"​What is so special about silver??? • ​I think in a swap numismatic-value is much more important than the silver-value. • ​Just now I cancelled a swap meanly because of this: I wanted somebodies silvercoin what was(acc. to Krause) • ​ around $80,- he request my coin(non silver) from $160,-(Krause) with a lot of other coins among. • ​And al of a sudden he realised his coin was silver so he do not want to swap it...I wonder ​why would you agree $160 for $80 at first..

Please translate token Japanease to English
Posted: 14-Dec-2019, 07:19PM in Coin identifications and valuations

The transcript above was wrong by two Kana. Correct spelling is ハンキュウ (阪急). it is the express rail through Osaka and several near by cities •

Qing Cash coin. Haven't be able to I'd exact one
Posted: 5-Dec-2019, 07:15AM in Coin identifications and valuations


Import my coins to Numista website
Posted: 24-Nov-2019, 05:41AM in Numista website

the best you can do is: use Excel formula to generate numista search urls. so you dont have to type in a lot when you manually add coins

Another website steal our photo ? - Collectgram
Posted: 24-Nov-2019, 12:05AM in Numista website

such new website has to survive in apps. report to Apple Appstore and Google Play

More Indian Coins
Posted: 14-Nov-2019, 02:51PM in Coin identifications and valuations

thank you for the information. especially the website is an useful resource I dont know about before

Looking for a US resident with an eBay account
Posted: 9-Nov-2019, 03:42PM in Free discussion

these services can help Canadians shop from United States: • • • • •

Guangxu (Hoo Pu) Identification Required
Posted: 8-Nov-2019, 05:34PM in Coin identifications and valuations

the dragon side looks too cartoon. it is a replica rather than fake

[solved] 19th Century Cash Coin Weight
Posted: 6-Nov-2019, 05:13PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "kalossaxo"​Any advice on validation? I am living in Ireland. sorry, ​"could" be scarce depending on variation. it is very likely to be an authenic but most common variation, worth 10 to 30 euros. better keep the whole device do not try to separate coins

Japan coin
Posted: 6-Nov-2019, 05:55AM in Swaps and trades

key year but not that rare. the ebay link is over charging

Real or Fake chinese coin?
Posted: 21-Jul-2019, 05:32AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote ​My questions to U are: • ​- how can he gather so many lots ? • ​- Do you think they are genuine ? • ​ • ​ Ancient coins come in such form from underground, the pile is called “筒子钱” (meaning "tube coins") • The procedure of separating, cleaning and identifying each coin is called "open" a pile. The coins in your picture are after "opened", rare years and varieties are picked out, so the rest of them are cheap. By showing you a picture from "opened" pile, the seller is telling you everything he's selling is common, don't expect any rare coins, so they are authentic. • Piles are abundant, especially from Tang and Song. There are also sellers selling "unopened" piles, which are like lottery, collectors buying such piles are expecting to find some rare year or varieties. Some bad sellers fake piles using common authentic coins, that will be another story.

Show us your Numista collections!
Posted: 20-Jul-2019, 07:06AM in Free discussion

I use this feature to draw a map, showing how many swaps I had with each country.. •

Wish we could give six stars
Posted: 18-Jul-2019, 05:43PM in Free discussion

a picture is better than thousands of words?

How do you store your doubles?
Posted: 25-Jun-2019, 05:50PM in Numismatic questions

2 Euro commemoratives
Posted: 15-Jun-2019, 03:34AM in Free discussion

this resource is useful to me, thank you

examples of grading?
Posted: 11-Jun-2019, 12:24PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "Saber82"​ • ​ • ​The above is also a reference. At some point I disagree with the details but I am not a expert in this area. I watched serval videos on Youtube, mostly accord to the PCGS guide, but AU in PCGS guide looks like XF in Numista's Numisdoc. Is this because there is a difference between US and UK / Europe grading system? Or maybe the United States silver coins is not a good coin to make examples

[solved] Which coin is the most common in all collections?
Posted: 30-May-2019, 07:19PM in Numismatic questions

top 10 most common coins in swap list: 1 Cent "Lincoln Memorial Cent" 10 Centimes 10 Pfennig 1 Dime "Roosevelt Dime" 20 Centimes 1 Cent "Lincoln Memorial Cent" 1 Pfennig 5 Cents "Jefferson Nickel" (1st portrait) 5 Centimes ¼ Dollar "Washington Quarter"

Any other millennials/college student collectors here?
Posted: 17-Apr-2019, 06:32PM in Free discussion

Quote: "redsmithstudios" At one bank the teller told me that the banks policy is to literally throw any foreign coins into the trash! • ​that's very United States

Hate, Ultranationalism and Numismatics
Posted: 15-Apr-2019, 12:00PM in Free discussion

found these medals with historical background: • Hungary • • • Romania •

Reputable UK 2x2 lighthouse holders
Posted: 12-Apr-2019, 04:47PM in Free discussion

If you mean 2x2 paper clip holders, actually the plastic on those holders has nothing to do with PVC, all brands are PVC free. But lighthouse holders' paper is possibly sulfur free, this is a small advantage over other common products. • PVC is from coin pages. PVC itself is not a contamination but a kind of material, it emits HCl (which corrodes metal) and plasticizer (makes coin sticky), both can penetrate through the plastic on 2x2 holders. Just avoid vinyl pages because vinyl often means PVC, use polypropylene pages or other materials.

[solved] Sorting "My coins" based on "Reference number"
Posted: 12-Apr-2019, 06:09AM in Numista website

as an alternative you can filter and sort in Excel

Missing KM#'s
Posted: 9-Apr-2019, 08:04PM in Numismatic questions

as you said "no KM# has been allocated", I guess this literally means no KM# has been allocated, so there is no "way to get this information" because the information does not exist

Coin Binder Help
Posted: 8-Apr-2019, 04:05PM in Free discussion • watch how this collector solve this problem: he simply insert two 2x2 flips into one pocket • p.s. I like his binders, sheets flip very smoothly

April 1st country names
Posted: 5-Apr-2019, 03:40PM in Free discussion

this is an "aftermath" of this joke: it was People's Republic of China before April 1st, now it is People's republic of China

From AliExpress even certified authentic silver copies (copies of other people's documents, a crime)! Shame!
Posted: 5-Apr-2019, 01:15AM in Numismatic questions

the 2 cases are different, not the same kind of scammer.. • 1) For a PCGS / NGC coin, just make sure to compare details with the website, then it will be OK • 2) For the 2 slab coins in this post (both from 天泉 numismatic company), unfortunately the certificates are not fake, BUT the company doesn't really certificate coins. Once the company becomes notorious, collectors who own authenic coins would avoid using this company, so having a 天泉 certificate means the coin is very possibly a fake. Never buy 天泉/公泉/藏泉 slab coins, these 3 numismatic companies are operated by the same boss.

My year long experiment is complete!
Posted: 2-Apr-2019, 11:04AM in Free discussion

kind of niubility. So where did you purchase those bulk lots..

Does your post office allow you to send coins?
Posted: 31-Mar-2019, 06:50PM in Numismatic questions

--"what's in the envelope"? • --"coins" • --"where too?" • --"Spain" • --"Open it!" • I open the already sealed envelope, post officer starts to dial her supervisor's phone, meanwhile peeking my coins through taped cardboards • -- (on phone with her supervisor) "There is a customer who wants to ship coins .... to Spain .... OK ...." • -- (hang up the phone, and give item back to me) "Can't ship!" • This is why I don't use post offices. If I send by letter and lie that it is a calendar, sometimes it works for certain post offices. If I don't lie or if I send by parcel, then every post office will ask me open the envelope, then ask the supervisor, then refuse me at the end. Because non-paper goods cannot be sent as letter, also because coins are currency. Only one post office is willing to send coins as letter for me, but I dis-like the experience as if they are [...]

Ancient Chinese Coin?
Posted: 30-Mar-2019, 05:29PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "ADYAR"​"Hongwu 1 cash " or "bita sen" ? What's more likely? Thank you100% bita sen. • China's Hongwu 1 cash has thinner strokes, the Japanese one has thicker strokes.

Is this coin legit or not? (Chinese 1 Cash - Guangxu/Xuantong 1906-1910)
Posted: 30-Mar-2019, 02:17AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I think it's original •

Buying coins in bulk
Posted: 27-Mar-2019, 12:46PM in Free discussion

I found this series on Youtube, the guy (lived in U.S) bought 50 kilos from 5 different sellers: •

[solved] Post your defaced banknotes
Posted: 21-Mar-2019, 06:40AM in Banknotes

The China 1 Yuan is defaced by Falun Gong, a cult group who believes they'll be save by gods from Sirius galaxy on doomsday. They are conducting a lot of interesting anti-CCP propagandas from overseas. Next time I see those banknotes I'll collect and see how many versions are there.

Unexpected bonus from bulk lot
Posted: 19-Mar-2019, 04:20AM in Banknotes

this type in UNC condition sells $400 ~ $1000+ in China, depending on variety and wether with PMG grading

[solved] New rarity record
Posted: 18-Mar-2019, 02:08PM in Numista website

Quote: "January First-of-May"​ • Quote: "Gonzalo"​Wouldn’t it be great to add a “rarest coin” record, to see in the records which of your coins is the rarest. ​​And a "most common coin" record, to see which is the least rare (owned by most members, presumably).top 100 most common coins in swap list: • 1 Cent "Lincoln Memorial Cent" • 10 Centimes • 10 Pfennig • 1 Dime "Roosevelt Dime" • 20 Centimes • 1 Cent "Lincoln Memorial Cent" • 1 Pfennig • 5 Cents "Jeffers[...]

China - PRC
Posted: 18-Mar-2019, 08:23AM in Free discussion

There are 14 types of circulating coins 1955 - 2019, we had all on Numista. • There are 113 types of circulating commemorative coins 1984 - 2019, we had 110 types. • Others are NTLC, bullions, etc, big project

Chinese copper coins - catalogue
Posted: 18-Mar-2019, 05:21AM in Free discussion


Mapping coin pages between Numista, Colnect and UCoin
Posted: 12-Mar-2019, 07:26AM in Numista website

Quote: "Saber82"​Well, I also found out something. If you know this software called coin mate, notes mate, stamps mate, they have a function to import the country catalog from colnect.​I bought coin mate software for 24 euros before I use Numista, the useful feature is export a subset of your collection as pdf given 3 layouts you can choose from. But adding or searching coins is difficult, have to specify country and year.

Numista Robot - Upgrade(s)
Posted: 17-Feb-2019, 05:21PM in Numista website

could the team develop a robot to do these: • 1. delete all "KM# new" referencees, they are meaningless • 2. format reference number, there are still a few "km#1" should be KM# 1 • 3. format and put decimal reference number in year comments at the very beginning of the comment. this is very important to this website because coins like KM# 104.1 does not have its own page

Sending coins from China
Posted: 13-Feb-2019, 01:58AM in Free discussion

Quote: "yusofharun"Quote​ • ​​I agree...a lot of seller from eBay/AliExpress are using these proxies. I guess it's a cheap alternative since most of my purchase were of free shipping and some of them were tracked.​the proxies prepare everything for postal services including weighting, saves resource • proxies are just proxies, tracking is depend on which postal service the ebay seller had chosen

Posted: 8-Feb-2019, 08:53PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "JRo69"​"In all this time, I have never used Colnect for swapping, nor have I ever used their Marketplace." = Cerulean • ​I use Colnect to swap, but it is much more difficult to swap there because there is no inherent swap mechanism like we have here. I have to identify the coins/banknotes I want and so does the other person and detail them in an email, rather than just clicking a button. Then we have to agree to the swap. This makes it much harder. • ​The only way I feel Colnect is superior is you can see the wish list of other people. Here, I can only see what coins someone wants to swap, but not what they want. This would be an advantage if I had a coin and could see who wants to get that coin. • ​ ​agreed, colnect has to use one template for all collectibles so it will be less user friendly

Hide button for "Proof" coins
Posted: 3-Feb-2019, 10:51AM in Numista website

Good suggestion, especially the situation now is no catalogue can provide complete and precise proof coin entry. Even local experts have to judge if a coin has proof version by searching from market, the central bank won't provide such info for all types of coins.

Be able to sort through entries in the "Journal of my collection"
Posted: 3-Feb-2019, 10:11AM in Numista website

support. • someone had fired the same sugguestion •

[solved] Info over coins coming in from swaps
Posted: 3-Feb-2019, 09:59AM in Numista website

Quote: "Pott"​I have entered coins in my collection ahead of receiving them, to make sure I don't forget that the coin is in the mail. I add a notation in the comments field so I can sort out not-yet-received coins, and remove them from my collection in case anything goes wrong. I remove the comment once the coin arrives. • ​It isn't perfect, but it helps me remember.​I use the same method, even for coins in my online market shopping cart

New comments in "I wish to get this coin", and show them in exchange page
Posted: 27-Jan-2019, 04:09PM in Numista website

​I like this idea. Sometimes I want to add a comment like: "¥4 at local market", so won't have to search every time when swapping by value. I'll try writing a browser plugin to solve this problem.

Post office: "What does the shipment contain?"
Posted: 25-Jan-2019, 04:27PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "BramVB"​That's all true for shipments with custom forms. But when you want to send cheap, like me, you send as a letter (a normal envelope). Those are normally only allowed to contain paper, with maximum 5mm thickness. Even with well concealed coins, the clerks can notice there is something non-papery and as such should be sent as a parcel (much more expensive!). These last few months there seems to be an international crackdown on non-paper stuff in envelopes, judging from comments on the forum and personal experience in Belgium and Estonia. • ​So yes, a little lie might be necessary. If they insist, you can always say it's one of those cards with an annoying song inside. Or just buy stamps and drop it in the mailbox yourself. Never yet did I have a letter returned ... fingers crossed. • ​ • ​Bram • I put coins between cardboards so it feels like a small hardcover book, when asked I say calendar or album. saying 'token' is not ok for lett[...]

Problems with opening of a swap-list
Posted: 20-Jan-2019, 03:41AM in Numista website

i'v encountered this problem too. but it will be better when I use a better computer • I guess finding wether a coin/year you already have is calculated within your browser

Coins from Iran for sale
Posted: 2-Jan-2019, 05:45PM in Swaps and trades

nice coins

[solved] Iran KM# 1268a (pieces12225) now might be KM#1282
Posted: 23-Dec-2018, 12:31AM in Numista catalogue

According to 13th Edition of Krause 2001-Date. • Also, the weight, diameter, etc. need updating.

Importing coins
Posted: 21-Dec-2018, 03:59PM in Numista website

Is there a way to bulk import coins to my collection?