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Additions to your collection - January 2020
Posted: 18-Jan-2020, 03:38PM in Free discussion

A few nice additions this week but i am out of time due to different exams that i am having this days... • I leave you my most liked addition of this week so far. 20 Pfennig (A) from 1888 ( • And may you give me the chance to do a little offtopic. I fall in love with this kind of medal •

Anyone found some 2019 coins in circulation yet?
Posted: 13-Jan-2020, 04:46PM in Free discussion

Quote: "ngdawa"​ • Quote: "Euromunt"​ • Quote: "ngdawa"​ • Quote: "Euromunt"​Will someone make a topic for finds of 2020-dated coins?​​​​already exists since january 1st..​​​I cannot find it. Do you have a link?​​sure, here you are mate:​Mmm... Ngdawa I think you are wrong • Euromunt asked for the link of 2020 dated coins (like this post but "Anyone found some 2020 coins in circulation yet") and you sended him the "Aditions to your collection -January 2020" link which has nothing to do with coins dated in 2020. • Euromunt, the kind of post you are asking for, is not created yet

Ship Motif coins and medals
Posted: 13-Jan-2020, 03:34PM in Free discussion

Lets bring up back this nice thread. • 10 Centimes Bayonne (French Notgeld) •

[solved] Spain 1957 *58* 5 Ptas Edge Lettering
Posted: 13-Jan-2020, 02:39PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Well, i am sorry i missread your info. • This coin has that lettrering both in the reverse (eagle side) and in the rim. The error i was talking about, is in the RIM: for the year 58, there are a unknow quantity of this coins that were made with the lettrering "UNA LIBRE GRANDE" instead of "UNA GRANDE LIBRE" in the rim. • Your coin has everything as it should be, so its not one of thoose error coins. • Sorry for my confusion

1871 5 pesetas with gp mark on head.
Posted: 11-Jan-2020, 12:55PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "Camerinvs"​Thanks, klei92, for the links. • ​Gladd to see that they are usefull for you 😉👍 • Maybe if yoy PM a Forum or Master refree, you can solve that little problem with your countermark post, i remember reading it and it was nice

2 more tokens (I think) where help is needed
Posted: 10-Jan-2020, 04:05PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Tryed to ID them but I simply cant, did some search with advanced search and wasnt able to find exactly your examples or probably missed it • I leave you two links, the first one, all the results with the lettrering GOTTES which appears in both of your tokens, the second one with the lettrering HANNS which appears in the left one • I did find similar ones that didnt appear under GOTTES or even HANNS; because of the lack of info in their coin pages they are unlike to appear unless you do a full research under German Counter Tokens • Lets see if any other user can help you better than me.

[solved] My coins map issue
Posted: 10-Jan-2020, 03:08PM in Numista website

Blue-m i tryed yesterday and for me its working fine. Tryed several big countries (India, Russia, EEUU, México, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain...) and all are showing their coins correctly! • I leave you a screenshot, maybe you should do the same to make visible the problem •

Looking to swap coins and banknotes: updated
Posted: 9-Jan-2020, 03:10PM in Swaps and trades

Quote: "CalvinV"​About half an hour in and I already received a message from a scammer with three ratings of which two are given by a profile that's obviously operated by the same person. • ​Is one of this "extra" profiles, without giving names, a Numista member since 4-Dec-2018 from Romania? • Kind of same story with me, 3 months ago, exaclty same message and nothing to give (rejected the swap since minute 0).

[solved] 5 Reis D. José I from Portugal
Posted: 2-Jan-2020, 11:57PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Sorry Rui but that needs to be a reproduction as pointed by previous mates. • Here in Spain (I also saw them in Portugal), are somehow "comon" to see; My guess is that probably its from a "History coin collection" made by a news paper or similar like a magazine, probably in the last 30 or 40 years. • Its not exactly your case but... • If i dont recall wrong, the last year several news papers made one of this coin collections, even in colaboration with the Spanish mint Real Casa de la Moneda, making several historical spanish coins with finish in silver and gold... I have had several of this ones and also have had some catalonia reproductions as well with this kind of R(eproduction) on it. I sold all that stuff but i keep a Spanish II República 1 Peseta 1933 with that R which is cleary a reproduction (only matches desing, not meassurements or material).

Slabbing: A fool's paradise, or an opportunity to prey upon the ignorant?
Posted: 2-Jan-2020, 06:29PM in Free discussion

Quote: "OldCurrencyExchange"​I know this is going to be somewhat controversial • ​but what are we, as a community, going to do about • ​opportunistic fraudsters on eBay? • ​ • ​I use an example of a slabbed Irish 1961 Halfcrown 'mule' • ​with an asking price of £10,549 Stg + another £75 for 'economy' delivery • ​ • ​The coin was slabbed by NGC (a reputable grader) • ​- NGC is not at fault here • ​- The coin is genuine • ​- The variety is as described • ​ • ​The seller is 100% at fault here • ​- False advertising (this coin is not rare) • ​- Price gouging (this coin is worth a small fraction of the stated price) • ​ • ​Full article here: • ​​Really liked reading you and your link 👍 • Will keep for me a phrase of the link: you first collect inexpensive coins and make [...]

New Canadian Member
Posted: 31-Dec-2019, 10:37PM in Free discussion

Hi, nice to meet you!

[solved] Sasanian Khusru II
Posted: 31-Dec-2019, 06:33PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Dudes! • Forgive me for not thank you before your help, I thought i did it! I have realised now that i searched this thread to post it in other thread. • Big thanks Petrus and Parimal; i took your info Parimal and also corrected the type for which i gave the wrong link (

[solved] Identification entre deux pièces
Posted: 31-Dec-2019, 05:53PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Composition maybe? At least is listed different

New member
Posted: 30-Dec-2019, 11:34AM in Free discussion

Hi! Nice to meet you

Blacklist for thread names in Coin identifications and valuations
Posted: 29-Dec-2019, 10:31PM in Numista website


[solved] Identifying coin
Posted: 29-Dec-2019, 10:15PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Spain 4 Maravedies Carlos (IV?) • Edit. Most probably Segovia mint.

[solved] Translation to spanish
Posted: 24-Dec-2019, 04:26PM in Numista website

Gonzalo permíteme aprovechar tu hilo para hacer una pregunta similar. • Jarcek as you are already here, please, answer me a similar question; what is the standar that we need to follow to translate the names of kings and queens? • I want to help to improve the spanish section of the catalogue by sending some translations of the lettrerings but some times i find FERNANDVS translated as Fernando (the name of the king in spanish, as I would do) and also Ferdinand (Fernando in english). • Is there any kind of guideline or standar to follow? would be allowed this form: "Ferdinand (Fernando) and Elisabeth (Isabel)"? • Regards

Added for swap indicator
Posted: 22-Dec-2019, 02:20PM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​Hello, • ​You can already see the details of each action by clicking on its line. There you can check whether you selected for swap, the quantity, etc. • ​​Dear Xavier, if you dont tell me that the simbol opens a new "menu", I would never know it; for me it was all this time just an "line indicator". • Although the info really is there, I need to agree with numinis; if that little detail is visible as soon as you enter to "Journal of my collection", for me, it would be more clear or at least faster to do that little check. • What do you think?

No more Syrian Pound?
Posted: 21-Dec-2019, 08:06PM in Numista catalogue

+1 for consistency

fake coins
Posted: 21-Dec-2019, 06:15PM in Numismatic questions

Photos of your coin dimensions and even the link of the coin that you think you have, would help others help you

[solved] no message email
Posted: 21-Dec-2019, 06:09PM in Numista website

A few months back i had the same issue but it was my mail (sudenly it started to send all numista mails to the bin without "warning") not our web. • Try to see if you have thoose "new message emails" in your mail bin or similar, it could be that 👍

Change alarm
Posted: 21-Dec-2019, 05:35PM in Numista website

The tittle you choose to present your idea do not make justice at all • You have my +1👍

Favorite Threads button
Posted: 21-Dec-2019, 05:10PM in Numista website


Please I/D
Posted: 20-Dec-2019, 02:42PM in Coin identifications and valuations

We have several German - Counter Tokens listed here in Numista that are almost like yours, but none of them is exactly the one you have; I leave you the ones we have, you will see that they are very similar to yours: • - Counter Token - Louis IV Nuremberg; Conrad Lauffer • - Tojen - Louis XIV Cornelius Lauffers (already sended a modification request to change its name to Token) • - Louis XIV (already sended a modification request to add info to its name) • Your token seems not be "made" by thoose two individuals, Conrad Lauffer or Cornelius Lauffer(s), as far as I can read, I see the name "HANS", are you able to read and write the rest of the text? • By the way, if we ID it, you could add it to the catalogue

Additions to your collection - December 2019
Posted: 17-Dec-2019, 02:37PM in Free discussion

I am not a coin roll collector but... got several 1 Peseta coin rolls, different dates (76, 77, 81) 😄 •

large unusual token id and info requested
Posted: 15-Dec-2019, 08:11PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Just googled "quo modo token" and got this: • • A better research will probably give you more info 👍 • Edit: please add it to our catalogue 😉

Ashtrays... yeah
Posted: 15-Dec-2019, 01:40PM in Free discussion

Quote: "Moneytane"​And at the end of the day, I may not agree with coins being used as ashtrays (Must be a bloody small ashtray as the coin is 38mm in size). • ​It depends on how many you use 😂 • Bu the way, Neilithicman probably got the answer to the question 🤔👍

Posted: 14-Dec-2019, 09:09PM in Free discussion

Same problem here, like 3 or 4 months ago i made the decision to stop buying and try swaping... since then, if i am not wrong and probably i am not, i posted montly in every "additions to your collection" thread because i bought coins and not swaped them😂

Not for me
Posted: 14-Dec-2019, 04:44PM in Numismatic questions

Take in mind that not all users have the knowledge to answer some kind of questions and also not all users over here use/look/participate on the forum

Bhutan Rupee?
Posted: 13-Dec-2019, 09:33PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "PetrusAscanus"​for a correct identification, please contact Kris: • ​ • ​ • ​He is an expert​Petrus, shall i write him directly yo his gmail (te one in his profile)?? I mean, i dont have account in Zeno

St. George Token
Posted: 13-Dec-2019, 09:05PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Such a memory ZacUK... • it would be nice to add that info to thoose coin/token pages isnt it?

[solved] USSR 1990 Set
Posted: 11-Dec-2019, 04:04PM in Numismatic questions

Finally i got it • The set came along with 170 GDR Pfennigs (various values, conditions mints, etc) for 23 euros shipping included in the price. • Although i am not a sets guy, and the fact that some coins came with some little dark spots, I am very glad with the addition 😄 • Thank you all for the help!

[solved] Canadian 1977 10 cent with errors
Posted: 11-Dec-2019, 03:37PM in Numismatic questions

Hello Dan1962 • Take into account that just that zone of your photo is a bit blurry and maybe we are not seeing something that you are able to see. • As far as i can see, the mast and the flag in your coin and the one in the coin we have here in the catalogue are in the same place (next to the second A of CanAda);

1780 gold ducat
Posted: 9-Dec-2019, 11:57PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "LEÓNIDÁS"​Hi coin is in our catalogue. It is this one: • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ ​Totally true, messed thoose "II" for "H". • Searching "Virtute 1780" in our catalogue and appearing nothing didnt help too; already sended a request to add the lettering. • Leonidas, are you able to find the coin in NGC? becasue i only get Maria Theresia ones for that year

[solved] unknown coin;help please
Posted: 8-Dec-2019, 01:44PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Would relate it to Spanish Netherlands but I wasnt able to find it

belgium order
Posted: 8-Dec-2019, 01:26PM in Coin identifications and valuations

From Andy´s link • The Order of the Crown is awarded in five classes, plus two palms and three medals: • Grand Cross, which wears the badge on a sash on the right shoulder, plus the star on the left chest; • Grand Officer, which wears a star on the left chest, and may also wear the neck badge; • Commander, which wears the badge on a neck ribbon; • Officer, which wears the badge on a ribbon with rosette on the left chest; • Knight, which wears the badge on a ribbon on the left chest; • Golden Palms, which wears a wreath of golden palms on a ribbon on the left chest; • Silver Palms, which wears a wreath of silver palms on a ribbon on the left chest; • Gold Medal, who wears the medal on the left chest; • Silver Medal, who wears the medal on the left chest; • Bronze Medal, who wears the medal on the left chest. • If my english is not that wrong you need info about the uniform. • Also, in Andy´s link [...]

2002 A German euro coin with stars on the wrong side
Posted: 2-Dec-2019, 01:28PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "krezga"​Someone took out the middle part (you can see the damage on the outer rim, where they hold the coin), the put it back upside down.​Dammit, Nice one Krezga!

German BRD FRG coins
Posted: 2-Dec-2019, 01:15PM in Numismatic questions

Calls my attention the difference between the mintmark G in the 2 Pfennig coins. • The one in the left is like bold and the right one like fine but i dont know what, why, etc... just wanted to point it out

Suggestion for change to sales policy
Posted: 29-Nov-2019, 10:08AM in Swaps and trades

I mostly agree with everything you pointed out. • I am just going to leave you something related to this topic I tryed 2 months ago •

[solved] Moneda 2008. 40 mm y 25 gramos
Posted: 27-Nov-2019, 11:04AM in Coin identifications and valuations

En este enlace tienes información pero no sé hasta que punto es veraz

Why do people do these things to coins?!
Posted: 27-Nov-2019, 10:59AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "ZacUK"​ I saw recently an eBay seller that does great work on old UK 1 Penny coins ... • ​ • ​ Sold for £35 • ​ • ​ These are the current ones ... • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ At least they are not made from valuable coins. ​Some of thoose are really nice. I would buy the puzzle without doubt (but for less money)

Egypt King Farouk collection
Posted: 26-Nov-2019, 03:53PM in Free discussion

Glad to see that, afther some months in "additions to", you finished this collection

20 Francs 1953 B - Damage?
Posted: 25-Nov-2019, 12:58PM in Numismatic questions

Thank you for your input Mr. Midnight. • I am going to keep it with me as a curiosity, maybe in the future i will try to search more about this.

[solved] Misprint or mistake
Posted: 25-Nov-2019, 12:34PM in Numismatic questions

As always, add photos to help other users help you

5 ptas 1957 (57) star
Posted: 25-Nov-2019, 12:05PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Just spent 10 minutes searching my spanish trillion doubles. • Got a coin just like yours. Here the pick i just made with my phone: • For me, not real deal, nothing more that a 52 years old coin that has some important wear in one of its features, making seem 67 a 57.

Additions to your collection - November 2019
Posted: 24-Nov-2019, 10:13PM in Free discussion

Quote: "apuking"​​Simply wow

[solved] Spanish speaking member wanted - Swap #18 with XXX
Posted: 20-Nov-2019, 05:18PM in Free discussion

More or less this is what i have for you reading your post, i did a sumary: • Querido XXX, aunque me gustaría realizar un swap de plata por plata contigo, sólo estoy interesado en monedas de plata de gran tamaño. No deberías empezar un swap conmigo cada mes hasta que nuestros intereses sean similares. • Cordialmente, alamir. • Trad to english: • Dear XXX, although i would like to do a swap silver for silver with you, i am only interested in big silver coins. You shouldn´t start a swap with me every month untill our interests are similar. • Cordially, alamir. • if you want to add anything or you just dont like my text, write what you want to tell him exactly in english and i will leave you here the text in spanish

Beautiful Patina, Color.
Posted: 14-Nov-2019, 10:51PM in Free discussion

Quote: "johnspa"​​Woooaaa, really nice one 👍 • For me it would be awsome if it had all thoose colorfull tones all around the rim. Again, really nice one

[solved] Unknown coins / tokens from Spain
Posted: 9-Nov-2019, 12:13AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Did a quick research for prices over here for thoose two medals of proclamation; as far as i could research, sellers usually sell them for around 35€ but some go up to 50€, 65€ or even 80€... who knows what is its rasionable market price • You know, in one hand anyone can put the price he wants and considers fair; in the other hand, the most prices and the most sells i saw, were around 30-40€. Ask a second opinion about this, i can be wrong. • About adding them, i leave you here the direct link to the "Add a coin to the catalogue". Firt time maybe its a bit overwhelming, but dont worry its very easy, you will see that the diferent fields are very clear, the most info you can add the better for all of us! • About grading them,i am a rookie on that and i prefer to pass in these cases; nevertheless, in case you dont know it, i will leave you the Numista handy guide for grading, you will find a very easy guidelines or "rules" for grade any kind o[...]

What is the point to export if you cant import back?
Posted: 8-Nov-2019, 09:55PM in Numismatic questions

Despite i am only 1 year old here and i came here with that feature already working, I am going to give you a personal look to it. • I check my collection, more or less every 6 month, in case i lost something, added to the albums something that i didnt here, and a long etc. For me its much more handy to do that with an Excel than here in the Numista page (becasue in my work i ussually use that program, so i prefer to work with it).*** • Also take in consideration that you can export your collection with a huge additional Information, not only the tipical "Issuer, contry and year". You have up to 26 fields of information related to your coins that you can download with this export feature, that for some users can be quite handy. • Another one, you can turn your Excel into a Word or PDF, and so, print it. Because some of us still like "the smell of paper in the morning". It can be handy for swaps in hand, etc. • ... By now i dont have much[...]

Grade Euro Coin
Posted: 8-Nov-2019, 09:35PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Take my feedback knowing that I consider myself a rookie in grading. • First of all, nice photos, (REFLEX/DSLR + MACRO?); nice material to work with. • As far as i can see: • 1. Good Points: • - Lustre: if its not the lights effect, it seems full lustre or at least almost full. • - Wear: It do not seem to have wear at all (but...) • 2.Bad Point: • - Hits: (but...) It has some "notorious" hits in both sides. One in the 2 side, and a few of them in the shield (side). • Taking that into account plus the "rules" given in the Numista Guide, i would said a XF+ or just XF: you have some good details that could make it go up to AU but at the same time, some of the bad details, for me, stop your coin to go to that level... so XF seems optimum for me • Hope you can understand my point of view

1868 Hungarian 4 kraczar MS62
Posted: 7-Nov-2019, 01:55PM in Free discussion

Quote​Are you sure it is not fake? ​If you search the certification numbercertification number it appears in PCGS site. • But, i dont know how it goes, so, just to know, the pic that appears in the link should be the coin that he have slaved?

Fernando and Isabel coin (2 Maravedis?)
Posted: 3-Nov-2019, 05:56PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "Andy289"​Yes, it's a 2 Maravedis but I don't know what do you mean with Calico Reference.​Just to understand it quicly, and as far as i know, its like "spanish Krause" • I am sorry but i cant help you Andy289

Posted: 3-Nov-2019, 03:27PM in Free discussion

I remember reading both post in ID section (since i had no idea in both coins i said nothing then). Glad to see that you were lucky with both

Oldest dated coin in your collection?
Posted: 31-Oct-2019, 02:54PM in Free discussion

My oldest coin with date and actually 100% visible is a 2 Maravedies from Felipe III (Spain) - 1603 • Despite i think its not the objetive of the topic i will just leave the info here... i think that my oldest coin without year on it but only made in one exact year is a 2 Cornados from Carlos I (Navarra under Spain) - 1549

Additions to your collection - October 2019
Posted: 31-Oct-2019, 10:58AM in Free discussion

Got a few more coins this month; this are my favourites: • 10 Para - Abdulaziz (1868) • 1 Centesimo - Umberto I (1900) • 1 Kreuzer - Franz Joseph (1885) •

[solved] Help identification in Portuguese Coins - Contermarks
Posted: 29-Oct-2019, 12:40PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Without actual photos of your coins, probably nobody will mind helping you...

Questions about PMD, die cracks, etc
Posted: 26-Oct-2019, 11:59PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "Sjoelund"​ • Quote: "klei92"​MR. Midnight (or any other!), now, this is a die crack right? • ​​ • ​​edit. In hads is clearly more metal, not a "deep cut" (like in my first one) in the coin • ​​ • ​​​​Not a die crack at all, but a cutting "something" over a part of coin, a PMD!!! • ​ • ​Ole​Hello Sjoelund, i need to say that i think the original id was fine. I did another photo to help to see why i keep thinking this • I think answer to the question is the zone next to the rim. Thanks anyway for helping with this and the escudo 👍 • Kliao, thx again for the help 👌

2 Reichsmark Paul von Hindenburg
Posted: 5-Oct-2019, 03:15AM in Numismatic questions

Thank you Cerulean, didnt know nothing about this. • May i ask why the coins from Belgium are not aleatory?

Village of Garden City Badgr
Posted: 23-Sep-2019, 06:23PM in Numismatic questions

In wilipedia (Spain) i found a lot of info. Just search village of Garden city and you can star from there. • As far as i readed, it can be related to some kind of hotel or a house from that city.

Germany 1939 A 2 Reichsmark Flaws
Posted: 22-Sep-2019, 03:30PM in Numismatic questions

Didnt know about this type of error, Very interesting!

Spain 1 euro? Error?
Posted: 22-Sep-2019, 03:26PM in Numismatic questions

Sorry i cant see nothing •

Posted: 20-Sep-2019, 12:41PM in Numismatic questions

Got impresed by the tittle of the post . Went through my collection and found some, hope it helps: • - Several Argentina coins with the portait of Jose de San Martin • - You may have several Franz Joseph I without full bear (for instance just 1 example). • - 1000 Reis Brasil Independence Centennial • - Several Dominican Republic with the portait of Duarte • - You will find, for sure, several of Wilhelm II of Germany • - You will find several in Greece (George I, CONSTANTINE KANARIS, GEORGIOS KARAISKAKIS) • - A lot of Victorio Emanuele III

2 Escudos - 1788 - Madrid: real or counterfeit?
Posted: 19-Sep-2019, 10:08PM in Numismatic questions

Probably its fine but i am not expert • If Zegeri see your post, probably he will give you a good advice

Foreign finds! (2019 edition)
Posted: 19-Sep-2019, 08:07PM in Free discussion

Maybe its a bit offtopic but i hope it dont disturb no one or the post itself. • One of great uncle has a lot of 24h vending machines and some other business that have no relation with vending machines but run with coin machines. • As far as i know, one of his daughters have tell my mother that, somehow, they get a lot of foreign coins instead of euros, which in the end its a great problem for them since not even the bank exchange them this foreign coins to euros. • For us it can be kind of ok as numinis say at the start, but its becoming a serious problem for some business; here in little city in the north fo Spain where i live, even the policie sometimes goes store after store telling that it have been reported that someone is sneaking amounts of foreign coins. • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Going a bit back to the original thing o[...]

Novelty Token or Coin?
Posted: 17-Sep-2019, 07:06PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I just know it because i saw it in like 4 different id posts in the last 5 months (+/-) 👍 • Have fun 😉

[solved] Middles Ages Copper Coin
Posted: 17-Sep-2019, 05:34PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Seems to have also the "Plus Ultra" legend from spain and spanish colonies coins, maybe related somehow?

Little musical game: find a title
Posted: 15-Sep-2019, 01:25AM in Free discussion

Coldplay - Glass of water ( • New word: City

Additions to your collection - September 2019
Posted: 11-Sep-2019, 11:15PM in Free discussion

Got some today in my first swap in Numista • Some from French Indochina • Some from Japan • Some from British India • And finally some from Austria • Really glad with them

Show me your error coins! :)
Posted: 4-Sep-2019, 07:14PM in Free discussion

Want to think that this can be considered an error in this unidentified morocco falus (?). •

Identification 2 coins
Posted: 1-Sep-2019, 03:07PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Dudes, i leave you the links of thoose two examples in NGC i told in the coment before in case they can help (you will know how to handle them better than me) • The 1912 one and the 1932 one (2 examples or varieties... whaterver)

Austria ducat 1797E, fake or original?
Posted: 31-Aug-2019, 09:18PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Yeah i see what you mean, but i have 0 knowledge about counterfaits, etc, so cant help to much • Nevertheless, I will give you some more differences i saw with the photos of the link you gave: • - Portait side - the F of FRANC: compare its place with the hair of the portait. • - Portait side - the M of IMP: compare its place with the head of portait. • - Shield side - the feathers in right side: they are not exactly the same. • - Shield side - The cross at the top: its like separated. (edit) • This ones (down here) are probably what you already saw and what make you scepter. • - Shield side - the lettrering of the left its lower than it should. • - Shield side - the lettrering of the right its like more "spaced" • Hope someone will come here and help you better! Now i want to know too!!

Prussia 1/24 thaler contemporary counterfeit?
Posted: 31-Aug-2019, 09:02PM in Coin identifications and valuations

In case you didnt had the link, here is your coin in Numista: • I know almost nothing about counterfaits, but Diameter its ok, weight not but probably its because its too worn? The thing that i see that not match too much is the 2 feathers under the A (watch the photo in the link) • Lets see if someone else comes over here, now i want to know too

old coin ? Porguese
Posted: 31-Aug-2019, 02:21PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Spanish one, from Catalonia spanish states. • Its an Ardite but i am not able to tell you if it from Felipe III, Felipe IV or Carlos III Pretender • Edit: would say Felipe IV, look the hair of the portait in your coin and the one here in Numista

[solved] Buy/Sell Feedback
Posted: 30-Aug-2019, 11:14PM in Numista website

Quote: "Xavier"​I believe it is acceptable to rate it via the same rating system as swaps. Ideally it should be mentioned in the rating comment that it was a sale in order to be as transparent as possible. • ​ • ​These are not fake rating, as a transaction indeed occurred. It shows you are a honest and reliable coin collector, independently whether you exchanged coins, bought coins or sold coins. I don't think this would increase the risk of false ratings or scams.​ • Roger that

Swaping Silver for Non silver
Posted: 30-Aug-2019, 12:52AM in Free discussion

At first, i wasnt sure about if it was a good idea, but now i begin to conclude that its not that bad to do a swap of siver for non silver, when the values or both swapers are okey with it. • But aslo, neilithicman got a really good point on the subject that i don't want to despise and i think it has its importance... but by the way, i dont think that yvon's example could fit in that vision.

[solved] Asking for Grading
Posted: 30-Aug-2019, 12:38AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Its always hard to me to grade some modern (age), medieval and ancient coins. I fell that the numisdoc for grading cant be aplied to coins of that ages, but its just my personal view • Yeah, i agree, F+ should be a good averaginf between both sides. • Thank you both mates

Additions to your collection - August 2019
Posted: 28-Aug-2019, 08:19PM in Free discussion

Got this 4 in a Swap this Sunday. • 20 Cash - Krishnaraja Wodeyar III 1835 (asking for grading here ). • 1 Paisa - Sayaji Rao III (1885) 1942 • 1 Piastre - French Indochine 1947 • 10 Pruta Israel 1949 •

[solved] Midle eastern coin identification
Posted: 24-Aug-2019, 09:29PM in Coin identifications and valuations

I think i remember seeing something like what you have here, but i am not sure. Tryed to find a post related but i was not able, hope other users can help. • By now, i think, i remeber reading that it was related to some king of cartoon story like the Aladin, maybe a token from a theme park.

Roman (Reparatio) Reipvb - Cant indentify Emperor
Posted: 18-Aug-2019, 11:23PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you Camerinvs, I see more or less what you point out about the coincidences between both sides and Magnus Maixumus coins. • Trayed this days to match it to the examples in Wildwinds but somehow i found the way to find some differences between the examples there and my examples... The lack of mint in mine is also a negative point to find a definitive id • Will try this days to see if i am able to find the definitive id/mint. • Thank you for pointing me out the way to search

Some people have too much money
Posted: 16-Aug-2019, 11:10PM in Free discussion

Holy... 1.32 Millions... Just give me the .32 and i will have money for a life time collecting coins

[solved] MPCC 2019 - SILVER - 1/2 FINAL - 1
Posted: 12-Aug-2019, 12:39AM in Most Popular Coin Contest


[solved] One Penny - George VI -
Posted: 9-Aug-2019, 12:45PM in Numismatic questions

Nice to know, i am solving it. • Tank you all for your answers and time

Roman coins ID please ☺
Posted: 7-Aug-2019, 10:58PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "Werner"​Thanks, I only realised now that I added the first coin to the catalogue ​HAHAHAHA I didnt That was a good one!!

About rare coins (Not Numista Rarity!) - 2 Cases
Posted: 7-Aug-2019, 12:41AM in Numismatic questions

This seems some kind of Pandora's box question. • After reading some replys i did something that i should have done before posting the thread (it wouldnt give me the answer "i wanted" anyway); i searched for threads with the same topic and went back even to 2012 threads (saw some of you around thoose topics) and saw that there is not an unanimous answer. • Before giving some arguments, you said that the numista robot is tanking care about this coments, is there a thread to read what lead to that action? didnt found it during the search i told before, its just curiosity. • --- • It dont seems to me to be pointless say that X coin, token, whatever is rare, scarce, etc; maybe thoose attributes are being used in a bad way or with no sense here. • Neilithicman told about a token 20 know examples; of corse a coin with thoose numbers, should call our attention and automatically assume that it is rare, but i think that it should have an indicator an[...]

[solved] link to the referee on the coin page
Posted: 5-Aug-2019, 02:09PM in Numista website

About your first point, I remember reading a similar suggestion somewhere and i remember a good argument to not implement something like this for a very good reason: • If you add a button that leads every user to the refree, their pm inbox will be bombed with ID questions and consequently the ID forum will be empity. The problem its not the ID forum empity, its that the refrees are not here 100% to answer all the ID questions that more or less all we do once in a while (or more often). • I think that if one user go to the Numista Team page and use the search tool form Chrome (other navigator should have one) can find easyly the refree that he wants. • --- • About your second point, i think it can be a good idea, for example, for thoose cases when you want to add a year line for No Date and its not possible becasue "The list of years is complete and has been verified" (your coin is worn, damaged, etc and you dont have the year...); it can be a fast [...]

[solved] MPCC 2019 - SILVER - ROUND 1 - 4
Posted: 4-Aug-2019, 03:16PM in Most Popular Coin Contest


Coin identification help
Posted: 3-Aug-2019, 06:52PM in Coin identifications and valuations

So, the "thing" you have is 8 Reales from Spain colonies, much probably from Bolivia, because of desing. • The thing is that even is possible to match the coin to some links here, its not exactly the same, but i dont have enought knwoledge to say sharply its not a real coin or tell that its a fake... whatever... I leave you some links below to check it: Felipe IV, Felipe V, Fernando VI, Carlos III • As always, Weight, diameter... measurements always help to identify (for good or for bad). By the way, it should be silver, try to test if its. • Edit: I oriented a bit better your picks, cant do it 100% because if i do that, half coin will go out of frame •

Post a coin with an unusual denomination
Posted: 3-Aug-2019, 06:36PM in Free discussion

Spain is not here yet so i will bring some from my country • 4 Cornados - Felipe III • 4 Maravedis - Felipe III (second pick its not "moved", my coin has that efect) • 16 Maravedis - Felipe IV • 8 Maravedis - Isabel II •

Thematic threads
Posted: 3-Aug-2019, 06:07PM in Free discussion

Just saw an old thread about "coins with unusual denomination" revived yestedray. • I leave the link in case is good idea to add it to the list (didnt saw it, if its already listed, sorry ) •

[solved] Coin identification | India
Posted: 3-Aug-2019, 03:17PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "Raibas"​Is it this? • ​​Was going to send it right now • I think your coin is the same that the one we have in the example photo of the link, so year is 1949

[solved] 1 Florin George V 1928 & 1931 alignement
Posted: 17-Jul-2019, 06:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "Camerinvs"​Hello, • ​ • ​Look at the alignment of the reverse here, in the Numista catalogue.​Facepalm

How do you store your doubles?
Posted: 17-Jul-2019, 05:57PM in Numismatic questions

Finally i am on it. • Bought this simple plastic sheets and put there the coins without any order really. As i have A LOT of doubles from Spain Pesetas from Franco & Juan Carlos, thoose, as they are common for me, will rest in plastic bags like numist007, adanieluy or aephi system; as soon as i get space in the sheets i will put them there, as sjoelund system. • Now i am adding them here: i am making a private comment like 1.5 which means 1st sheet. 5 position (and so on) to know where is each coin; in the public comment i am giving a mix of my thought about the condition of the coin and why i graded like that. By now i dont mind adding prices (despite i dont want to do it, it would be riddiculous since i am 0 stars user ) • Also when today to the national mail company here in Spain, Correos, to know how much it cost to send to Europe 500gr and it was reasonable (seeing that is a request for most users); for start, Europe will be okey. • Now... will nee[...]

Tyins 1993 - Kazakhstan
Posted: 15-Jul-2019, 10:48PM in Numismatic questions

Dont want to contradic one of the expert of this site in variations, types, etc, but Sjoelund, we have each one a different meassure (we are only 3 giving meassures but, you see...) and since its a contemprary production and we have the official data, it seems to me that its what should appear, having in mind that this variations in weight exists. • Maybe its a common problem in their producction? Something as Newtony pointed about the weight of euros but in larger scale?

Crusader era coin?
Posted: 14-Jul-2019, 02:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

No idea but in the side with good conservation, what its inside of the shield seems the french flor de lis, isnt it? Can be an start to search

Additions to your collection - July 2019
Posted: 12-Jul-2019, 05:26PM in Free discussion

Highlights from yesterday+today packages (not all added to my collection yet; Daylight is not helping me making the pics, I swear none of the them is hardly cleaned (1st very worn of corse, 2nd mostly original lustre seem to me). • 1 Real - Mexico (Spain) • 5 Centimes - Tunisia • 10 Centimes - Tunisia • 1 Pfennig - Kingdom of Hannover • 10 Pfennig - Mainz • 1 Sen - Japan (1885) • 1 Mil - British Palestine • 1 Cent - Canada • 1 Penny - Australia • Got a few Spanish (2 and 4) Maravedies from XVIII century but the daylight is making them seem like they are polished to look like silver when they are dark borwn and they are not even thaaaat worn • Edit: got them in carboard by seller, so picks are with it.

[solved] Serious Valuation
Posted: 8-Jul-2019, 02:38AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "Coinman48"​Here is another thread discussing the weird beliefs of some that similar 2 new pence coin has any special value. Seems to be some sort of scam spreading among sellers. • ​ • ​ • ​Will ​Or buyers in this case. • Its not the first time that i got contacted there by users that directly told me that they were going to do some type of scam (and in the end i didnt want to trade with them nothing), but this time got me totally disconected because, as i said, of his seriousness about the value and the fact that i was not able to imagine the coin (by the way all i have there to sell is junk despite some Maravedies). • Well, ok, nothing new under the sun

[solved] Trip to Egypt. Good idea to bring back home coins?
Posted: 8-Jul-2019, 12:30AM in Free discussion

Quote: "jokinen"​There are plenty of Egyptian coins available at European Ebay sellers. I own 81 types, none of which I got from my two trips to Egypt. • ​ • ​I remember getting one worn 25 Piastres coin from the year 1992 as change. I also remember some tourist sets with circulated coins from the 70's and 80's for at least €10 which otherwise can be found at bargain bins. • ​ • ​Just enjoy your trip and return home safely. Set aside annoying salesmen and safety issues most people are friendly and very poor for European standards. It's a reminder we are blessed by being born in a more comfortable part of the world.​I was going to reply something in this line. If i get some coins buying something (souvenirs, whatever) ok, if not, not the end of the wold (hobby). • Holidays are holidays, i should enjoy the trip and nothing else should disturb me while there. Sadly, +1 for your last paragraph, specially the last phrase. • Thank you all[...]

ID 25mm Copper/Brass Coin w/ Crown on Both Sides
Posted: 29-Jun-2019, 09:51PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "Whitneysc"​I am thinking 8 Maravedis because I see an "8" under the letter "P". • ​But I might be seeing what I want to see on these counterstamped coins. • ​It's like looking at clouds, everyone sees something different.​Yes, i agree with you, its posible to see what seems an 8 but, as far as i know, thats the thing of the counterstamp; they were used to increase value, etc. • So i think base coin is 4 and its probably "upgraded" to 8 . Technically we are both right • P.d.: little detail, that P is from king Philipus (Felipe)

[solved] 20 Cent French indochina 1939- Replica?
Posted: 18-Jun-2019, 08:42PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Well, this one its being interesting for me, didnt expect a coin with this sell values and an almost 15 millions mintage could be facked (despite the two characteristics that i mentioned at the start). • I guess @Mr.Midnight and @-kadzuma- are going to be right in the end. At least i didnt pay to much for it. • Will leave the post open a bit more in case someone else wants to say something.

[solved] Spanish Reale coins - Please need help with authentication.
Posted: 16-Jun-2019, 09:06PM in Coin identifications and valuations

First of all, I will not help too much with authentification, i dont have the knowledge to verify the originality or not of most of this pieces. • Although, as spanish collector i have the minimum knowledge to mess around the spanish catalogue here in Numista and try to identify them. • First coin wants to be a 1 Real, most probably form the Reyes Católicos Fernando and Isabel or in second case from Fernando and Juana. Most of the desing and weight wants to match that coin but in the shield side, your coin have 4 little dots (left side) that make me distrust it. Weight is near but do not match: 3.03g yours vs 3.43g numista. References: • • • Second coin its a beautifull 2 Reales from Felipe V, Madrid mint (shield side, M(adrid) under R(eal). Weight do not match: 5.29g yours vs 6.77g Numista. Reference: •[...]

2 euros to swap
Posted: 15-Jun-2019, 12:13AM in Swaps and trades

PM sent

[solved] Greek and Roman coins
Posted: 14-Jun-2019, 11:23PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "numisquare"​Your coin is from Valentinian II 375-392, Rome mint with ex: SMRB. It is RIC p125 #43a. This is also a case of an error in Sear #20274. He lists this coin as RIC p126 #43b. However, 43b has the obverse legend for the ruler Valens. • ​The only example I could find is this: • ​ • ​ ​Thank you for all the help Numisquare. I will try to do better photos and send a request to add them here. • Regards.

[solved] Need help with 3 coins around 1600 East Europe
Posted: 30-Apr-2019, 09:49PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "geraltttt82"​First one: półtorak 1625 Bydgoszcz mint, Górecki B.25.1.a, • ​ from Górecki catalog: • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Third one: szeląg koronny, Bydgoszcz mint, maybe 1623 - so it will be Kopicki 717 • ​ • ​​Well, geraltttt82 easy finished the topic, the third one was here afther all • Thank you all very much for your help!!

[solved] Let's see if we can post coins by the catalog country list. For the countries R-S (Currently at: Syria)
Posted: 29-Apr-2019, 08:01PM in Free discussion

2 Maravedis Segovia mint from Carlos III - 1787 and Isabel II 1845 • • • 25 Céntimos de Real Segovia mint from Isabel II 1864 • • And last one, one of my favorites from all my silvers • 1 Peseta - II República 1933 • •

[solved] Cant find a similar Cornado
Posted: 29-Apr-2019, 01:15PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "numisquare"​Yes, the coin is a silver Cornado from Juan I (1379-1390) of Castile & Leon from the Seville mint (S and two rosettes at base of cross). • ​o. IOHANIS • ​r. REX CASTELLE • ​ • ​​Wow, impresive photos in the link numisquare, 100% match thank you a lot

[solved] 50 Centimes - Balduin I
Posted: 27-Apr-2019, 03:23PM in Numista catalogue

Quote: "klei92"​ • Quote: "Sulfur"​Yes, pictures would definitely help. • ​​ • ​​With the differences being so minor, I am not exactly sure why these Type A pieces and these Type B/C pieces have... well, their own pages. Sure, The type A page is for the large head and the Type B/C page is for the small head, but the comments say Type C is actually a large head? I don't know--it confuses me, so contacting the referee may be your best option.​​I am doing all this noise because this explanation image: • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​That you can find in this link (50 Centimes - Baudouin I French text): • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​I have to emphasize that i measured the crown, giving me thoose 6.8mm "small crown" that would correspond to the KM#144 (as you probably saw, all is explained in the explanation im[...]

8 Maravedis 1624?
Posted: 26-Apr-2019, 11:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "dady"​ • ​what do you think now? Its can be 1624​Didnt noticed that! You got it since first time! 8 Maravedis from Felipe IV I need to agree!

About Euro error coins
Posted: 14-Jan-2019, 07:39PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "PetrusAscanus"​These blank are made somewhere in the east. (At least some years for Belgium). • ​So the belgian euro coins have also a lot of errors. • ​Most of the errors are very common, and they do not influence the value very much​Well the 1€ coin is from an east european country so i buy your answer but the 2€ one is from Spain and as far as I know here (in Spain) coins are still made by the "Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre" since the end of the XIX (which is more or less = Madrid mint) so the answer cant be the same (?) • I google it to see if i was able to find something similar, and actually i found several 2€ coins (from 2007 but not from Spain) with true state errors in addition to the one i am asking about. Also i need to say that mostly the kind of error "excess metal" acepted are related to the "Nickel-brass clad Nickel center" so in the end you will be right with your last sentence • I dont as[...]

[solved] Coins by Year - 1850-1801 (Completed)
Posted: 13-Jan-2019, 10:07PM in Free discussion

One Penny Gerge IV 1826 (I guess it was used as a target for shooting ) •

[solved] 25 Paisa - wrong identification
Posted: 8-Jan-2019, 03:28PM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "@josephjk"​Your coin is dated 2021 - Mahendra Bir Bikram • ​ • ​​How i didnt saw that • But why in one coin year 2029 = 1972 and in the other 2029 = 1964?

[solved] 1618 copper coin? identifications , Italian state?
Posted: 7-Jan-2019, 03:54PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Did a fast research, as said before: • - 1603, 1613... til 1693 gregorian dates, all issuers in non precius metal and i dindt found any coincidence • - Same for 1306, 1316... til 1396 gregorian dates, all issuers in non precius metal and i dindt found any coincidence • THERE IS A CHANCE THAT I PROBABLY MISSED IT IF TIS ON THE CATALOGUE as i did the reseach a bit fast. • There are a few coins with a cross in thoose years but none had the "year" next to the croos and in the other side no shield matches yours

[solved] Maiorina - Honorius GLORIA ROMANORVM, Héraclée
Posted: 6-Jan-2019, 09:40PM in Numismatic questions

Here you have 2 normal picks • Here you have 2 miniedited picks in order to help the identification: • 1. You can see what i mentioned before, that likely ""S MH A" instead of compressed "SMHA". • 2. You can see the D(N H)ONORIV(S PF AVG) wich leaded me to identify this coin as • Everything ok with the mint????

Your use of Numista
Posted: 6-Jan-2019, 12:48PM in Numismatic questions

Like many other users i started using Numista months before i became registered (i am only days old user) when my grandfather gave me his collection. • After that i started mine separately and so i had questions about some coins i was buying i finally decided to became a registered user to make them... then i realised that numista gives you an excel of your collection and that was Top for me (because of my profession, my own excel was becoming a nightmare). • Top Catalogue, Top Photos and till this day Nice users (that have helped me and even some refrees). Really enjoying learning a lot of things about coins and countrys (and english )

1661 Spain - 8 & 12 Maravedis?
Posted: 5-Jan-2019, 02:57PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "Cuthwellis"​Thank you so much for your help! Hmmm...that is interesting. No wonder why I couldn’t figure out what these are so easily! I’ll try to look harder but this kind of coinage seems pretty... complicated. But oh well. I wonder if mine could be contemporary counterfeits or such (if not both of them)?​Dont worry, medieval spanish coins are such a nightmare at least till 1600 (too many kings, too many "mini" spanish states before unification) after 1600 things become a bit more easy but the appear more mints because of the colonies = new different nightmare • About if they are contemporary counterfeits i cant help you, i dont have experience on that and even i didnt saw or had in my hands any one to give you a 100% sure answer

[solved] Falus Morocco?
Posted: 2-Jan-2019, 02:09PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "PetrusAscanus"​You are correct, but you should know these coins ar cast, so many many variations exists • ​ • ​ ​Mmm... i see... to many new things for me (and terms in english!). • So, in order to clasify it, should be this one in his year • 1259/1843 (not 1840) right? • The weight does not match, is another usual variation because of the cast? if it´s not a variation, there is a problem with that? (just to know, i have a lot of curiosity)

[solved] Ardite Carlos III Pretender, need confirmation
Posted: 1-Jan-2019, 06:42PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "klei92"​I guess it needs to be the coin of the link i posted. • ​ • ​AS i searched in spanish webs, Letter "B" in one of the faces is the mint of "Barcelona" and the shield on the other face is from Barcelona... one thing less. • ​ • ​The only question left is the king´s face there, who is him, but if nobody knows, it´s ok and i will solve the post​Confirmed, it´s king Felipe IV. • Original coin is: • Thank you Cycnos for your help and public tanks for the Numista reference for Spanish coins, zegeri.

[solved] One Yen from Meiji era? Real or Fake? Year not found
Posted: 26-Dec-2018, 09:34PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Well, thank you all for the answer!!