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Never recived
Posted: 30-Mar-2020, 03:44PM in Swaps and trades

Thanks for reply the thing is guy sent me the coins with a 0.60 cent stamp that will never get to Gibraltar from Spain and I agreed to send proof of post and other person didt send it he made a photo of post with my adress and the stamp was not stamped so I think he could be scammed

Gibraltar 1997 £2 Cannon
Posted: 30-Mar-2020, 02:25AM in Coin identifications and valuations

I think should not be removed but as skalywag said the only way to prove existence is to see a vedio of coin .it maybe that people have entered in numista the coin wrongly in their collection. I have contacted pobjoy aswell like Oklahoma and they say it exist but never seen one myself and pobjoy has not shown any info apart from what is in their book .

2017 partridge 10p Gibraltar
Posted: 29-Mar-2020, 11:07AM in Coin identifications and valuations

During this sad days in Gibraltar in lockdown because of corona I have been looking throw my coins and numista catalogue . I have seen that 2017 10p partridge is on catalogue I say it's a error dont exist .I like to notify this so you numistas know it dont exist if any one has it please pictures as 2017 is a referendum coin minted by pobjoy and partridge 10p was made by tower mint and finished in 2016 .I hope you all like this info and I could be wrong but I'm 99 percent sure it dont exist. Take care all have a good day • • King regards

1997 cannon
Posted: 28-Mar-2020, 08:48AM in Coin identifications and valuations

Her is the link of the 1997 coin cannon virarriun it's not a matter of politnes why I did add link before its that I'm new in numista •

Need Hercules 2 pounds
Posted: 26-Mar-2020, 07:46PM in Swaps and trades

Hi I'm a Gibraltar coin collector I'm looking for Gibraltar hercules coins does any one have to swap I have some Gibraltar carded Christmas and Christmas coins and some rare coins I would like to swap for Hercules. Have coins not listed in my numista swaps which I would swap for coins I need. Contact me if anyone has coins I need and we can talk and I will add to my swaps thanks you all numista who read this

2004 Gibraltar capture 50p coin
Posted: 26-Mar-2020, 07:07PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks for your reply my freind very intresting. Were did you find that info you have sent about the 2004 coin • Kind regards • Kevin

1997 cannon
Posted: 9-Mar-2020, 10:42AM in Numismatic questions

Thanks sir it's not a matter of removing it from list its question of finding the result of this if exist or not a photo would be a source of proof for this. My point on this is to know if it exist I have talked with many collecters and no one has seen one before only 2 claim to have seen it but no photo or evidence .my intrest on this is that it's the only coin of cannon I dont have and never seen .I'm trying to help myself and collecters to solve a search that may not exist.. as said I email pobjoy and they say it exist but as said before they are wrong in other things as all humans can be wrong it's normal • Kind regards • Kevin

Coin shops
Posted: 6-Mar-2020, 10:40AM in Free discussion

Any good coin shops in costa del sol Spain anyone help

Need Hercules original ones
Posted: 6-Mar-2020, 10:38AM in Swaps and trades

Hellow I'm a collector from Gibraltar any one has Hercules original ones for swaps I have many Gibraltar coins rare to swap with but not listed in my swap list please contact me sending me a mesage And we can sort something out in swaps also need few dolfin 50p dates . • Kind regards • Kevin

[solved] Gibraltar 1988 50p Candytuft new AC Die Mark
Posted: 7-Feb-2020, 09:02AM in Numista coin catalogue

I have the same coin x2 so I can say it is correct cadytuff 50p 1988 AC die 100 percent exist

Need swaps
Posted: 30-Jan-2020, 09:59PM in Swaps and trades

I'm looking for rare coins of Gibraltar have many coins to swap including cancer coin

Swaps for Gibraltar coins
Posted: 26-Nov-2019, 10:19AM in Swaps and trades

Yes Anto looking for monaco andora coins 2 euro

Coin I dont see in numista list
Posted: 26-Nov-2019, 12:13AM in Numista coin catalogue

Hellow all yes both are 50p denominations the 2004 sets in cupernikle and silver gibraltar and 2004 only in silver 25 aniverery of royal marimes Falklands Gibraltar. How can I add photos to numista any help form moderators or admin I have them I'm my collection this coins • Regards all • Kevin

Die mark question on Gibraltar 10p europrt coins
Posted: 25-Nov-2019, 12:40AM in Numismatic questions

Quote: "bjherbison"​Other than AA I have: • ​KM 23.1: AB, AD • ​KM 776: AE • ​ • ​I also have: • ​- Two examples of KM 776 AA with different tilts for the AA. • ​- Two examples of KM 776 2000 AA PMM with different spacing for the mint marks.​

Gibraltar sets
Posted: 24-Nov-2019, 11:28PM in Free discussion

Hi I'm looking for Gibraltar coins in sets to replace my circulated can anyone help me find some please contact me I will buy

Looking for Gibraltar coins
Posted: 24-Nov-2019, 08:21AM in Swaps and trades

Hi I'm looking for someone collecting Gibraltar coins im from Gibraltar and need some Gibraltar coins and iom coins in swaps

[solved] Gibraltar coins which I think are wrong in numista
Posted: 23-Nov-2019, 08:34PM in Coin identifications and valuations

Quote: "chocman"​Hi Kevin, • ​I have checked the coins in my collection(which is small), and I have 2 x 1990 ape 5p they are both small type. I have 2 x 10p Partridge which are 2014 and 2015 so I have no 2017 • ​Regards :)​